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Financial reporting software

Make data-driven decisions thanks to customizable dashboards and reporting for quick insight and deep visibility into business financials.

Income Statement AP Analysis Customer Aging Maine Florida California Texas Revenue by Entity Controller Dashboard Cash on Hand $5,086,913 Revenue YTD $1,015,540 Cost of Sales $32,868 Gross Profit $982,671 Net Income YTD $815,481

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Best-in-class financial dashboard software with unsurpassed visibility

With Sage Intacct financial reports, you get the agility and flexibility to quickly slice-and-dice the details that matter to all key stakeholders: investors, executives, sales, finance, and other departments.

  • Increase business agility through multi-dimensional visibility.
  • Dive deeper with custom reports, dashboards, or visualizations.
  • Reach peak performance with fast answers for confident decision-making.

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Financial dashboard reporting software that turns data into insight

Quickly access or create a reporting dashboard that analyzes real-time business performance by business drivers—without managing a complex chart of accounts.

  • The Sage Intacct innovative general ledger includes 10 dimensions to capture the business context of your transactions, operational measures, and budgets.
  • 10 predefined dimensions are ready to go out of the box, including department, item, and employee.
  • Add more dimensions to reflect unique business drivers and take your financial reports to the next level.

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Dimension settings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Dimensions Location Department Project Customer Vendor Employee Item Product line Contract Warehouse Warehouse Warehouse Warehouse Warehouse Enable Enforce balancing
Profit and Loss - Global Canada;Month Ending 12/31/2022 541,282.36 0.00 220,892.47 320,389.89 .7587 .7587 311,397.95 1,158,365.15 1 1 243,014.64 337,100.01 1.3118 1.3118 775,305.06 1,815,855.05 0.00 USA;Month Ending 12/31/2022 1,484,063.10 14,300.00 0.00 United Kingdom;Month Ending 12/31/2022 580,114.65 0.00 0.00 All Locations;Month Ending 12/31/2022 2,605,460.11 14,300.00 0.00 Total Revenue Revenue Revenue - Subscriptions Revenue - Services Revenue - Other Intercompany Sales Ending Spot Rate Weighted Average Rate

Improve business agility while saving hundreds of hours

Sage Intacct tracks and reports both financial and operational data—like square footage, available hospital beds, SaaS metrics, or other granular measures that matter to your business.

  • Slash time spent checking the accuracy of your financial data thanks to multi-dimensional visibility of income statements, balance sheet, or your statement of cash flow and more.
  • Sage Intacct Collaborate brings the whole team together by adding an additional secure social layer embedded in your Sage Intacct financial management system.
  • Collaborate spans every process and device so your finance, sales, and services teams can cooperatively resolve any issue.

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Get rich financial reports, your way

With Sage Intacct financial performance software, you get 150 built-in financial reports as well as the ability to easily create custom reports. Forget Excel reporting, waiting for customized projects, or relying on external tools.

  • Compare operational statistics with financial metrics. Check summary roll-up figures for multiple entities—even if it’s only mid-month.
  • Drill down to source transactions for granular transparency instantly. Flag trends and spot exceptions with powerful report visualizations.

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AP Bills Analysis per Vendor CYtD vs PYtD Rank Billed Amount ;PYtD CYtD v. PYtD ;Bill Count % 1 State Farm $0 1 $331,469 100.00% $0 -13.04% $331,469 2 Emporis $0 3 $0 0% $152,307 -13.04% $152,307 3 McMahon $0 1 $331,469 100.00% $0 -13.04% $75,000 4 Verizon $0 3 $0 0% $64,602 -13.04% $64,602 5 Boston $0 1 $331,469 100% -13.04% $64,197 $0 Total Paid CYtD Total Paid v. Billed CYtD % Total Remain CYtD Bill Count ;CYtD Billed Amount ;CYtD Vendor

Dive deeper and go further with a financial reporting dashboard

Get the insights you need in seconds to address complex issues and respond to market changes.

  • Interactive custom report writer lets you easily create real-time reports that tackle your toughest financial reporting needs.
  • Work with hierarchical field selection, drag-and-drop design, and automatic conditional formatting, grouping, and subtotals.
  • Calculated columns with calendar and math functions, conditional logic, rolling sums and aggregations, and pivot tables.

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Natalie Bonczek

Controller, Red Door Interactive

Visibility is where we’ve recognized the biggest gains from switching to Sage Intacct—its drill down capabilities are like night and day compared with Dynamics, and we love Sage Intacct’s permissions-based dashboards. I save days of report preparation each month, because we’ve created helpful self-service dashboards where our executives, client services team, and department heads can find relevant, timely business insight on demand.

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Financial Reporting Software FAQs

Sage Intacct comes standard with a Financial Report library and the built-in Financial Report Writer for GL dimensional reporting, a Custom Report Writer for ad hoc reporting on transactional information, and role-based Dashboards to display key performance metrics and reports. Sage Intacct also offers advanced visual reporting with the Interactive Custom Report Writer and advanced analytics with the Interactive Visual Explorer.
Sage Intacct includes dozens of financial reports and charts that can be used as they are or duplicated and modified. These include profit & loss, balance sheet, and cashflow reports.
Sage Intacct reports are built through configuration, without the need for coding. We’ve designed both financial reports, custom reports, and dashboards so that finance can create and update them without the need of help from IT. We also provide on-demand training to educate users on how to get the most out of the reporting tools.

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