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Sage Intacct helps Alder Partners get financially fit for further growth

Planet Fitness franchisee grows 3x while saving $100,000 annually since switching to Sage

Getting in shape with a scalable, multi-entity financial foundation

Once Alder Partners reached six fitness clubs and set a goal for continued 30-40% annual growth, its owners realized they needed to centralize financials in order to scale efficiently. Hiring a controller, they immediately went in search of a robust system that could support an audit-ready, multi-entity financial close.

We chose Sage Intacct because it had everything, we needed in one, easy-to-scale solution and were impressed with its ability to handle multiple entities.

John Kalinowski

Efficient processes slash monthly close and accelerate business planning

Sage Intacct allowed the business to revamp its financial structure and automate several previously manual processes – like managing inter-company reconciliations, recording hundreds of daily cash transactions, entering payroll, and allocating invoices across locations. This saved at least 1.5 full-time employee equivalents.

Once we were freed up from a crazy monthly close process, we were able to do other things that add business value such as planning, forecasting, and budgeting.

John Kalinowski

Real-time dashboards take the blinders off growth forecasting

John estimates the company’s budgets are at least 10% more accurate and its cash flow has improved, because he can easily track actuals-to-budget for specific entities and re-forecast every six months.

Before we adopted Intacct, we were running blind since it just wasn’t possible to do any kind of real-time analysis. Now, the visibility we have is like night and day.

John Kalinowski

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