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Avenu Insights expands fast with Sage Intacct

Professional insights specialist rapidly scales with Sage Intacct’s financial efficiencies and flexibility

Creating a ‘business backbone’ from scratch

Created by acquisition in early 2017, Avenu Insights & Analytics had just six months to implement new business applications. The choice of an accounting and finance platform would be crucial to Avenu’s ability to grow, scale, and deliver returns for its investors.

Sage Intacct was far and away my preferred approach; it really came down to speed of deployment, scalability to expand, and ease of use.

Mike Melka

Flexibility and scalability that supports growth

Over two years, Avenu Insights has built what Mike calls “a well-oiled machine” with Sage Intacct that’s delivering the financial efficiency, data-driven insights, and scalability to grow that the company needs. Expanding through organic growth and several acquisitions, Intacct has helped Mike quickly integrate the acquired businesses, including a large local government software business.

Sage Intacct is very flexible and easy to use, and allowed me to bring on those acquired businesses in days, not weeks, once they’ve been set up.

Mike Melka

Actionable insights for informed decision making

Using dimensional reporting in Sage Intacct, Avenu has improved its gross margins with deep visibility into costs, revenue, and profitability across its sizable product portfolio. Those insights have enabled strategic decisions on where to trim costs, curtail underperforming products, and adjust pricing that position Avenu for sustainable and efficient growth.

Sage Intacct has helped improve our bottom line, deliver results faster, and scale the business very efficiently. It’s really our backbone, and I couldn’t be happier.

Mike Melka

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