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bay county medical care facility - UNITED STATES

Sage Intacct remedies financial management for Bay County Medical

Government-owned nursing facility improves reporting accuracy and brings accounting practices to the next level with Sage Intacct

Prescribing robust cloud-based software to overhaul medical facility’s accounting procedures

Prior to 2001, Bay County Medical Care Facility outsourced its accounting function and relied on legacy on-premises back office systems and Excel spreadsheets to manage financials. After trying a few different accounting solutions, the facility decided to deploy Sage Intacct and integrate it with the organization’s MatrixCare clinical software.

Sage Intacct is very robust, and I’m pleased to see all of the efficiencies it brings to our finance team.

Mike Regulski
Finance Director

Built-in automation increases productivity by 50%

Bay County Medical has leveraged the power of Sage Intacct to eliminate Excel-based processes and duplicate data entry, improving the finance team’s overall productivity by at least 50%. The automated purchasing workflows also save staff accountant Carrie Brozewski time by not having to chase paper-based purchase requisitions and purchase order approvals.

By streamlining purchasing, Sage Intacct has freed up my time, so I can learn more about how best to use the software and focus on training our supervisors.

Carrie Brozewski
Staff Accountant

Greater departmental accountability with Sage Intacct dashboards

Sage Intacct has enabled Bay County Medical to change the facility’s approach to budgeting – for the first time ever individual department supervisors have taken on responsibility for developing their own detailed budgets. To support this change, the finance team created 23 departmental dashboards within Sage Intacct that make budgeting and planning much easier for supervisors.

We’re providing current financial data and budget-to-actuals for each department at a glance, which has made the organization as a whole more financially sound.

Mike Regulski
Finance Director