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Bethel Church of Redding praises Sage Intacct

Bethel Church of Redding - United States

Implementing Sage Intacct improves efficiency for megachurch and their hard workers

Multi-system workflow diminishing efficiency and growth at Bethel Church

The Warehouse Manager had to process a multi-step, multi-system workflow. With over 11,000 members at Bethel Church, they required a scalable way to store all data in one system to keep up the growth.

Between the store and the warehouse, we were missing things one year and finding things the next. Now we’ve implemented Sage Intacct; it has been a huge help.

Eric Darling
Warehouse Manager

Implementing efficiency, visibility and ease was the clear solution for the warehouse team

By implementing Sage Intacct, there was an immediate ease and efficiency to the system. The team had visibility and control over the accounts and sales team, creating a secure Sage Intacct framework. In addition, inventory has transformed into real-time, with a time-saving solution.

Sage Intacct has been the biggest time saver.

Eric Darling
Warehouse Manager

Sage Intacct enables Bethel Church to focus on its members over manual transfers

With Sage Intacct, 60% less time is needed for its inventory transfers, so what was four days has now shrunk to an incredible eight hours. Incoming orders was a multi-step, multi-system process, but now it takes only a simple scan of a barcode; the data flow into Sage Intacct and the team can make decisions and execute plans effectively.

We used to have to write manual transfers, now with Sage Intacct Inventory Automation, we have a gentleman who transfers in real-time, sends it, and it’s done.

Eric Darling
Warehouse Manager

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