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Canine companions - UNITED STATES

Sage Intacct allows Canine Companions to sniff out new opportunities

The human services nonprofit, providing service dogs to people with disabilities, gains financial visibility with Sage software, enabling it to pursue new grants

Total IT overhaul required to move forward with expansion

Canine Companions relied upon outdated on-premises accounting software that is cumbersome and inefficient. The system limits financial visibility to regional-specific views, making it difficult to monitor functional, departmental, project or fundraising operations across multiple locations.

We used to spend weeks or months tracking and processing gifts in disconnected systems.

Jack Pierce

Modern automation and insight open up economies of scale

Sage Intacct is helping Canine Companions to automate their end-to-end financial processes, including donation receivables, restricted assets schedules and purchasing approval workflows. Meanwhile, having gained timely visibility into fundraising cash flow, the nonprofit is able to scale operations with reduced finance headcount.

Sage Intacct has made the statement of functional expenses come alive.

Jack Pierce

Expenses are down, ROI is up

Sage Intacct has helped Canine Companions eliminate half a million dollars in expenses, thanks to real-time, granular financial visibility. This timely information has helped boost ROI of fundraising events, providing a platform for the nonprofit to apply for new grant funding that was previously out of reach.

Today, everything is transparent, the organization has confidence in our financial statements, and we have more time for strategic thinking.

Jack Pierce

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