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Sage Intacct breathes new life into CareATC’s financial reporting

The healthcare provider uses Sage software to optimize its accounts receivable and payable processes

Accounting system no longer fit for purpose

CareATC was quickly outgrowing its current account software and realized it was necessary to transition to a more complete cloud-based solution to establish more sophisticated, automated financial processes.

In addition to Sage Intacct dramatically streamlining all our financial workflows, we enjoy regular software updates, reduced hardware costs, and top-notch security.

Spence Lloyd

People-hours saved as productivity increases

Sage Intacct is transforming how CareATC uploads data from suppliers. It has almost entirely automated the process, which is adding up to 40-60 hours of data entry time saved each month, and ensures more accurate financial information. All of this increased productivity translates directly to cost savings.

I’ve worked with several different ERP systems, but none of them come close to offering the user-friendly capabilities and granular visibility we have with Sage.

Spence Lloyd

Improved financial performance

The real-time visibility into monthly, quarterly and yearly performance, provided by Sage Intacct, has greatly increased accountability and reduced ad hoc reporting inquiries to the finance team. It also allows CareATC to increase its focus on long-term planning and proactive budgeting, for the benefit of the wider organization.

As a result of all the business value Sage Intacct provides, we estimate that the software pays for itself in three months each year.

Spence Lloyd

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