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Sage Intacct Planning satisfies FoodCorps hunger for smarter budgeting

Oregon-based nonprofit improves budgeting efficiency by 85% with Sage Intacct Planning

Nonprofit loses its appetite for manual budgeting in Excel

FoodCorps’ steady growth prompted an upgrade from QuickBooks and Excel to Sage Intacct for general ledger accounting in 2016, creating greater visibility into its financial data and smart efficiencies. However, the nonprofit continued to struggle with budgets being built manually in spreadsheets by the 30 budget owners, so a budget planning solution was sought.

There was perfect alignment between our Sage Intacct accounting software and Sage Intacct Planning; that was a huge benefit and deciding factor for us.

Michelle Emeh
Senior Director of Finance

Improved efficiency and easier faster budgeting

Since going live with Sage Intacct Planning  in early 2020, FoodCorps has improved efficiency by 85% across budget creation, forecasting, and budget vs. actuals reporting. The nonprofit has eliminated 40 to 50 hours of manual consolidation of 30 Excel budgets and says that building budgets within Sage Intacct Planning is a “wonderful experience”.

We’re able to budget more efficiently with Sage Intacct Planning and invest our time savings into analytics and strategy so senior management can make more informed decisions.

Michelle Emeh
Senior Director of Finance

Improved collaboration and empowered budget owners

Sage Intacct Planning has enabled the FoodCorps finance team to improve collaboration and transparency with the 30 budget owners. In the past, Michelle said people felt detached from their budgets, but now they work more closely with budget owners on both budget creation and ongoing budget vs. actuals reporting, which has created more “clarity and context” to budget owners.

Our budget owners are more empowered and comfortable with the numbers, and that’s very gratifying to see.

Michelle Emeh
Senior Director of Finance

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