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Plastics company Hega Hogar gains clarity over critical data with the help of business partner Azteca

Hega Hogar - Spain

Hega Hogar accelerates growth with Sage X3.

Consolidating mismatched legacy systems

Rapid growth and acquisition led to a mismatch of siloed systems. It relied on legacy technology and faced risks moving complex processes over to a new system. After some analysis, management selected Sage X3 and business partner Azeta.

They were working with islands of information, using different systems, so Hega Hogar never had an accurate overview of stock, production or financial data.

Sergio Rodríguez
Account Manager, Azeta

Consolidated operational view enabling better decision making

Hega Hogar is gaining a new, consolidated view of its operations that allows it to make better decisions across the organization, from design to delivery. This makes for a more efficient and competitive business. But moreover, the implementation of Sage X3 is providing food for thought on how the business itself operates.

The main benefit is having a single and coherent set of data right through the entire business cycle.

Sergio Rodríguez
Account Manager, Azeta

Discovering new ways of working

Management now has as a single, coherent set of data on the company's business cycle. They are also exploring other ways Sage X3 can help the business grow with business partner Azeta.

The client obviously isn’t going to stop growing with this product. And we’re there alongside them, together with Sage, of course.

Sergio Rodríguez
Account Manager, Azeta

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