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international living future institute - UNITED STATES

Sage Intacct is the sustainable choice for International Living Future Institute

Environmental nonprofit gains detailed visibility into nonprofit programs and creates efficient project reporting across the organization, with Sage Intacct

Bringing cloud financials to the green building movement

As the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) expanded, the nonprofit sought to replace its outdated Abila MIP accounting software and manual invoicing using Excel, with a cloud-based system that could support its complex operations across several locations and diverse lines of business.

We wanted to automate our financial processes and gain real-time visibility across the organization, rather than managers waiting for me to send them reports.

Tom Bland

Program visibility improves operational insights

Leverage Sage Intacct’s dimensions capabilities to capture useful business context around each financial transaction has given ILFI accurate program and grant visibility, allowing deeper reporting and analysis. This helped them spot and resolve where they were behind on several KPIs related to a particular line of business.

Thanks to Sage Intacct, we could instantly see the group needed to make staffing and software changes to get back on track. Now they’re ahead of budget expectations.

Tom Bland

Streamlined invoicing processes improve nonprofit’s cash flow

Pre-Sage Intacct, all of the institute’s invoicing was done manually in Excel, which involved re-entering the invoice data separately into both Salesforce and Abila MIP, and then doing reconciliations to make sure everything tallied up. Now ILFI can produce invoices directly from Sage Intacct which has transformed the process and streamlined workflows significantly.

Now we can effortlessly monitor our AR agings and send out collections reminders as needed, which has improved the organization’s cash flow.

Tom Bland

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