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kloudgin - UNITED STATES

Kloudgin sees no ceiling with Sage Intacct

Kloudgin, a one-cloud field service and asset management solution on a single easy-to-use platform needed an integration partner that would grow with them in the long term.

Onboarding support and sustainability

Kloudgin’s business has historically focused on enterprise-level organizations. However, to sustain its long-term growth, the company wanted to diversity into small and medium markets. To do this, it needed a single solution that would support its marketplace team, channel team and sales team in one place.

Support, guidance and a solution everyone can use

What made the Sage Intacct program unique is that the team supported and guided Kloudgin into the ecosystem. The Sage Inatcct ecosystem offers Kloudgin the ability to be able to work in the smaller side of midmarket as well as the large. The marketplace team, channel team and sales team now all collaborate in one platform, ensuring that Kloudgin achieves its business goals.

Kloudgin paired with Sage Intacct is here to stay

Kloudgin is clear that its growth is dependent on maintaining their relationship with Sage. The integration with Sage Intacct ensures that Kloudgin's customers are getting the best products in both domains together, integrated out of the box

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