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Sage Intacct brings Legendary Entertainment project financing into focus

Legendary Entertainment - United States

Legendary uses Sage Intacct to manage production budgets on time and in detail, through comprehensive reporting and improved processes that easily meet US GAAP and CAS standards.

Software to analyze data across projects, continents, standards, and historical trends

Legendary’s producers had multi-million-dollar projects to manage. With money going in and out at speed, globally, it needed software that could collate data, organize budget detail, and provide insight into projects at a glance that also aligned with global accounting standards.

Its old system created extra work to extract relevant data and slowed the process down.

It was very clear right away that the accounting software that we were currently using was inadequate. The general ledger for film costs alone had 150 account numbers for each project.

Dawn Castro
Chief Accounting Officer

Sage Intacct offers deep insights across project lifespan

Sage Intacct improves the green-lighting process through reporting that compares historical box office and financial data with the current proposal to determine suitability, implementing the most successful financial strategy to move the project forward.

Reporting is easy with faster access through improved General Ledger (GL) and dimension-filtered queries. 


If someone wants to know, ‘Well, how much have we spent against our budget?’ A simple, general ledger query filtered by that dimension, [is] just a click of a button.

Leland Dodd 
VP accounting

Legendary Entertainment has found its superstar partnership with Sage

From its ease of use to its deep insights and dimensional data, Sage Intacct gives Legendary the tools it needs for accurate analysis and efficient project management.

Legendary has found a partner in Sage that will continue growing with the business, making project accounting easy, and driving success across a diverse portfolio.

It's really just a constant conversation of: What can we do better? What can we do more efficiently? And how can Sage help us?

Leland Dodd 
VP accounting

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