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pavillon treatment center - UNITED STATES

Pavillon Treatment Center cares more with Sage Intacct

The center for the treatment of alcoholism and other drug addictions enjoys efficiency gains using Sage software, which it turns into greater patient care.

Old system hinders decision making

Pavillon had outgrown Intuit QuickBooks and needed to rethink its paper- and Excel-based financial processes. The finance team was struggling with the system’s lack of stability and other limitations that slowed down accounts payable, cash management, and report preparation. These challenges hindered decision-making and audit preparation.

QuickBooks wasn’t stable and had to be rebooted on a regular basis by our IT staff – that was a big issue.

Kent Spear

Time & money savings

Using Sage Intacct, Pavillon has streamlined several previously manual financial tasks, improved internal controls, and brought fixed asset management in-house, saving both time and money. With these improvements, Pavillon enjoys a 73% shorter month-end close and much better reporting and auditing.

Sage Intacct allows me to spend my time doing other things that are critical to the organization.

Kent Spear

Staying in tune with the financials

Leveraging Sage Intacct, the Pavillon finance team provides more timely, accurate information that helps departmental managers and other key stakeholders understand patient trends, so they are well-equipped to make rapid decisions about spending or how to prioritize key milestones in the patient lifecycle.

Sage Intacct has exposed our financial structure at a new level, so management can stay in tune with the costs of providing specific services.

Kent Spear

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