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Purple Wave banks on Sage Intacct to cut budget work

Internet auctioneer finds Sage software to be great value for money as it enjoys time savings and visibility gains

Finance team struggles to handle growth in transaction volume

Purple Wave has grown to be the largest no-reserve internet auction company in the U.S. With the expansion came new financial complexity which the finance team struggled to handle with QuickBooks and Excel.

If we tried to download a large file to Excel, it would error out. We had definitely outgrown the system.

Lea Briscoe

Hammering down the time spent on budgeting

After implementing Sage Intacct, Purple Wave is now spending 50% less time on budget work, thanks to the ease of use and native integration between the solution and the Budgeting and Planning component. This has freed up the company’s CFO, who used to handle budgeting, to work on higher-value tasks.

[Cutting budget creation time in half] has allowed the finance team to provide more visibility to our executives, board and managers.

Lea Briscoe

Guesswork going, going, gone

The unified platform provides Purple Wave with richer and more timely budget vs. actuals reporting to fine-tune spending, monitor employee travel and expenses, and make data-driven decisions for business growth.

Sage Intacct is real-time and provides more visibility into expenses, and that allows managers to be better managers.

Lea Briscoe

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