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RIVR Media gains a big-picture view of its finances with Sage Intacct

The independent television producer uses Sage software to put its financial reality in the spotlight, allowing its finance team to shine.

Basic software can’t be tuned to the business

RIVR Media’s finance team was attempting to track all its project data, for more than 100 hit shows, in QuickBooks; a nearly impossible task, even after adding hundreds of different account numbers in order to overcome the system’s shortcomings. As a result, it struggled to extract the reality out of the complex financial information.

We knew we needed to get our accounting data out of QuickBooks and Excel, and Sage Intacct was the perfect fit for us.

Mark Bellich

Anytime, anywhere visibility

Having implemented Sage Intacct, RIVR’s finance team now benefits from anytime, anywhere visibility into its total revenues, costs, gross profits, and gross profit margins by project - either for the current month, or the full year-to date.

Sage Intacct has freed my team up to focus less on tedious transactions, and more on analysis and reporting that adds value to the business.

Mark Bellich

Ready for action

In addition to gaining project visibility, RIVR can now can get reliable monthly financials from Sage Intacct in half a day, and close out the books three to four days faster. It can easily produce a reliable report package for monthly financial reviews with the principals of the company, priming itself to take action

Sage Intacct is saving us $100,000 every year from reduced headcount and IT support, and has put us in a great position to handle whatever volume comes our way.

Mark Bellich

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