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Samaritan House finds the key to managing its finances in Sage Intacct

Acclaimed nonprofit cuts audit prep time, trims payroll processing, and dramatically improves budget visibility and control using Sage software.

Relying on guesswork

Like most nonprofits, Samaritan House works within a tight budget. Yet limitations in applications like QuickBooks and Excel can mean manual work and guesswork decisions that drive up cost and diminish social impact. The five-person accounting team had to juggle multiple spreadsheets for monthly statements, while producing annual reports took weeks of work.

QuickBooks wasn’t handling our reporting requirements, and we weren’t able to easily get information for year-end financials and our audit.

Jolie Bou

More time for the mission

Samaritan House is seeing transformative benefits in time savings and insights that help it better fulfil its social mission. For example, payroll processes that used to take one and a half days are now completed in just three hours with Sage Intacct. With a paperless environment, Samaritan House is saving additional time in no longer hunting down paper documents.

The out-of-the-box capabilities of Sage Intacct have been a huge timesaver for us.

Jolie Bou

Better budget visibility

The new insights yielded in Sage Intacct help Samaritan House deliver services more effectively to those in need. That visibility enables it to better prepare and manage budgets and avoid cost overruns for both Samaritan House and eight partner agencies for which it manages funds. Those partners now have real-time information through Sage Intacct to keep track of spending.

The flexibility of reporting in Sage Intacct and being able to get any information the way you want it has really been amazing for us.

Jolie Bou

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