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Sandals Church finds its financial sanctuary in Sage Intacct

The church uses Sage software to realize real-time, data-driven financial management across multiple campuses and ministries

Old software puts a burden on the accounting team

Sandals Church was using an accounting application from Logos, a church management software vendor. But, in order to manage continued expansion - with the aim of opening 500 campuses worldwide - the church needed to upgrade to a modern and sophisticated financial management platform

Logos could give us a standard financial statement to present to the board, but it was inflexible and didn’t deliver the insights we wanted.

Amber Cheong
Director of Finance

All-seeing financial visibility

Using Sage Intacct, Sandals Church has on-demand visibility into real-time financial data to manage costs, adjust revenue targets, and pursue growth. The new insights provided by the software have been instrumental in supporting double-digit gains in tithing and attendance, and the church is better able to grow summer camp, youth, and other service programs.

The new insights we have with Sage Intacct have been extremely valuable in supporting our growth and our mission.

Amber Cheong
Director of Finance

More time for the mission

Sandals Church’s finance team now has ample time for higher-value strategic work, thanks to dramatically improved efficiencies gained with Sage Intacct. Productivity of the accounting team has risen 20%, while efficiency is up an estimated 45% in terms of faster processes and less manual effort.

Because we have Sage Intacct to manage the day-to-day, we don’t need to worry much about financial accuracy and instead focus more on strategy goals.

Amber Cheong
Director of Finance

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