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SIFMA secures its future with Sage Intacct

The voice of the nation’s securities industry transforms finance with real-time decision-making, replacing the 15-year-old legacy system with Sage software.

Out-of-date decision making

For the past 15 years, SIFMA used an outdated on-premises version of Microsoft Dynamics SL to manage the organization’s complex financial processes. On Microsoft Dynamics SL, reporting was clunky and very difficult. There was a long lag before our managers could get actionable financial information, and by then it was often too out of date to rely on for decisions.

We were inspired by Sage’s innovative product vision and growth potential, and found the solution very easy to use.

Sophie Usasz
Managing Director of Finance

Eliminating tedious tasks

Sage Intacct has eliminated a tedious weekly task of printing out reams of journal entries, payables, and cash receipts for SIFMA manager signatures, which were then mailed off to a scanning service and then logged back into a homegrown catalogue for future reference. Today, Sage Intacct completes this entire process automatically.

Even people who aren’t that confident with technology can get up to speed on Sage Intacct without hand-holding because the workflows are so intuitive.

Sophie Usasz
Managing Director of Finance

Focusing on valuable insight

Sage Intacct dashboards are playing a key role in evolving the organization’s finance function, because everyone can see the power of the team’s reports for making decisions. Stakeholders are focusing on that valuable insight, versus simply turning to accounting to cut checks or make sure a vendor gets paid.

Thanks to Sage Intacct, we have an invaluable tool to help manage spend in real time.

Sophie Usasz
Managing Director of Finance

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