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UNITE HERE HEALTH connects the dots with Sage Intacct

National nonprofit health benefits provider enjoys a sizeable boost in finance productivity to support sustainable expansion, thanks to Sage Intacct.

Old solution no longer fit for purpose

UNITE HERE HEALTH (UHH) has grown 50% over the past five years through acquisitions. When the organization’s on-premises accounting system was discontinued due to no longer being fit for purpose, its finance team went in search of a solution that could mitigate increased complexity, minimize duplicate data entry, and meet UHH’s long-term, mission-critical needs.

After comparing the options, we learned that Sage Intacct was by far the most focused on the fundamentals of accounting and financial reporting.

Bryan Schmidt

Scaling with the business

Sage Intacct rich reporting and automation has allowed UHH to realize significant hard and soft cost savings and help the finance team scale efficiently with the organization. By putting the cloud financial management software at the heart of its best-in-class ecosystem, the organization is seeing tremendous ROI and getting back weeks of productivity every year.

We’ve also improved team morale because people no longer spend their time on mundane tasks and enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere.

Bryan Schmidt

Putting business in context

With dozens of custom dashboards set up in Sage Intacct, any manager can check their department’s financials and drill down to individual transactions to make informed decisions in real time. Sage Intacct captures the business context of these transactions, so UHH leadership can filter and analyze business performance by various dimensions.

At UHH, we want to achieve smart growth, and it’s critical for regional directors to analyze precise, real-time financials.

Bryan Schmidt

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