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vera whole health - UNITED STATES

Sage Intacct injects vim and vigor into Vera Whole Health’s financial management

Work-site care center operator accelerates time-to-insight by 10x to help reinvent healthcare thanks to Sage software.

Best-in-class software to support continued growth and organizational complexity

Rapid growth had increased the organizational complexity of Vera Whole Health, requiring more sophisticated financial management than its spreadsheet-based budgeting, and forecasting with Adaptive Insights allowed for. It needed a best-in-class system that could provide a hub for the company’s entire financial environment, with easy integration with other systems.

We needed a system that could more easily manage our transaction volumes and automate manual data entry, while providing better internal controls.

Brian Goldrick
Director of Accounting

Smart choice with smart results

Implementing Sage Intacct across all three legal entities, Vera Whole health has revamped its chart of accounts and connected the system with Adaptive Insights. This has modernized budgeting and accounts payables processes, enabling a 70% faster financial close and improving overall accounting efficiency by 25%.

We made the right choice in picking Sage Intacct; it connects to our other systems, streamlines our financial processes, and provides flexible reporting.

Brian Goldrick
Director of Accounting

Accurate, timely and relevant insights

The powerful combination of Sage Intacct and Adaptive Insights allows the Vera Whole Health finance team to adjust rolling forecasts every month, make better decisions about growth, and quickly find any data potential investors request, which, in turn, helps the company secure the capital it needs in order to continue its expansion.

We’re a high-growth organization and using Sage Intacct to track expenses and project our future costs equips our leadership team with better insights.

Brian Goldrick
Director of Accounting

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