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Run payroll simply, securely and accurately with Sage


Deliver a professional and valuable payroll service that saves you time, reduces errors and eliminates manual processes. Connect to your clients and their employees through smart online technology.

Outsourced Payroll

Sage helps thousands of payroll bureaus to boost efficiency, be more productive and provide the best outsourced payroll service to their clients.

Sage 50cloud Payroll Bureau

Deliver an efficient, accurate and reliable end-to-end payroll service to your clients. Sage Payroll Bureau makes it simple to manage your clients’ payroll from one place. Now with the latest online portal technology to connect with your clients and unleash the potential of your bureau.

All accessed when you join Sage Accountants Network.

Client-run payroll

Secure, accurate and compliant payroll software that makes it simple and straightforward for your clients to pay their people.

Sage Business Cloud Payroll

Everything your clients need for running their payroll in four simple steps. Perfect for businesses with 1-25 employees.

  • 4-click payroll: Create secure, accurate and compliant payslips in just four clicks
  • Absences: Easily identify and deduct absences from the pay period
  • Pay: Enter hourly pay or salaries and let Sage handle the calculations. Connect with Sage Business Cloud Accounting to accurately record payroll in your accounts
  • Confirm: Run intuitive payroll reports to keep things simple and straightforward

Without our Sage payroll solution we wouldn’t be able to provide the services that we offer to our clients. Our day-to-day operations would be much slower and we wouldn’t be able to serve as many clients as we do. I’m excited about the future and confident that we can grow rapidly with the technology, advice and support from Sage.

Claire Brown

Senior Payroll Manager, MHA Tait Walker