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Sage 50cloud Payroll Bureau solutions

More than 50% of UK businesses pay their employees through Sage Payroll. Pay your people with confidence with trusted and easy-to-use, GDPR-compliant software.

Paying the nation

We know Sage Accountants are crucial to ensuring the nation gets paid on time, so we’ve created simple and straightforward payroll management solutions

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Save time, reduce errors and standardise your processes with an automated online system to collate and share payroll data with your clients.
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Easily manage multiple payrolls across your business with a purpose-built, flexible bureau solution that’s designed to keep you productive.
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Deliver a professional and valuable service by connecting with your clients and their employees through smart online tools.
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Stay in control of employee data with intelligent, purpose-built tools, and give your clients confidence that their employee data is in safe hands.

For accountants who pay the nation

Find the information you need about Payroll and the features included in our software.

Sage 50cloud Payroll Bureau is designed to help you process payroll tasks simultaneously across all clients and makes being compliant with auto-enrolment legislation as simple as possible. And now with Sage 50cloud Payroll Bureau Manager* you get a simple way of managing your clients. 

  • From 5 clients upwards
  • Award-winning technical support included
  • Optional pensions module add-on available, automatically assess your clients' workforce, manage pension data and payments and automate mandatory employee communications in accordance with legislation
  • New – payroll assistant. Get advanced warning of changes that often interrupt a payroll run such as parental leave start/expiry or auto-enrolment eligibility. Also run tasks, such as reports or HMRC submissions, across multiple clients in one go
  • New - GDPR tool. Search for client data held within Sage data files and backups – vital to ensure you’re compliant with GDPR
  • Single sign in: log in to Sage Payroll just once to access and manage all your clients’ companies*
  • Multi-company upgrade: upgrade payroll data for all your clients’ companies in one batch*
  • Company Manager: customise your dashboard settings to view key payroll data at a glance*
  • Dual Client View: access information for one client whilst you work on another client's payroll*
  • User management: manage your employee access rights and client lists from one location*

*features of Sage 50cloud Payroll Bureau Manager, a customisable dashboard which you can download for free. 

Connect to your clients through the Sage Online Bureau, a secure and automated cloud portal, and stay in control of all of the client data you hold. Manage your end to end payroll processes securely online; automating the flow of data between you and your clients through a secure portal; it’s more productive, more effective, more secure, and is also part of our ongoing commitment to deliver GDPR-ready solutions to you.

  • Collaboration with clients to collate and share payroll data online
  • Easy to input information - clients will get it right, first time
  • Clients can self-serve 24/7, reducing repetitive queries
  • Take on more business – the time saved is time you can spend on growing your business

Manage every interaction with your clients efficiently and securely, every step of the way.

Payroll Data Entry – your clients and their employees are able to log into the online portal and submit hours worked securely and easily anytime, anywhere.

Online Payslips & P60s – you can give your clients and their employees secure online access to their payslip and P60 information at the touch of a button, safe in the knowledge that they will be stored securely and password protected by the employee. This supports you and your practice in preparation for the GDPR.

Online documents – the ability to store your clients’ and their employee payroll documents within the cloud securely. Clients and their employees can then login to the password protected portal to view their documents and self-serve when they need them. Examples of documents include: P32s, reports, employee contracts.

Supporting payroll data entry:

  • Employees and clients enter their payroll information securely online, this includes personal information and hours worked
  • Directly imported into Sage Payroll
  • An employer branded portal
  • Field validation to prevent incomplete submissions 

Supporting data output:

  • An online portal for clients and their employees to self-serve and view payslips, P60s and input timesheet information.
  • Password protected portal to ensure security of employee data
  • Approval workflow for clients who want to maintain control – clients can review payroll data and payslips for their employees before sharing with their employees.
  • Record of document views and approvals

Sage 50cloud Payroll solutions and the GDPR

Stay in control of all the client data you hold and respond to any specific request with ease and confidence.

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  • Review client and employee data you hold in Sage 50cloud Payroll with the GDPR healthcheck tool, so you can easily assess what you need to keep and record reasons for holding it
  • Easily delete data that you should no longer have, in line with the GDPR requirements
  • Receive prompts to remind you when to delete data in the future, so you can be confident you have the processes in place to stay in control
Laptop with Sage payroll tailored platform open on screen


Stay in control of employee data with intelligent, purpose-built tools, and give your clients confidence that their employee data is in safe hands.
Laptop with Sage 50payroll platform on screen


  • Respond to Subject Access Requests (SARs) easily - locate your client employee data at a click of a button
  • Respond to a ‘right to be forgotten’ request by easily identifying and deleting client data quickly and easily
  • Continuously monitor your clients’ employee personal data and receive prompts when you are required to take action, so the data you hold is always up to date and relevant

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Discover how Sage 50cloud Payroll Bureau solutions can help you make light work of managing payroll.

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I’ve managed to download the Sage 50cloud Payroll Bureau Manager and get all my data across very easily. It’s really useful and great to be able to just log straight into the companies from the platform. The last updated and FPS date is so beneficial, having reminder information on the overview screen to me is a godsend and the Online Bureau is great.

Jackie Lowe