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Powerful automated billing software for small businesses

Focus on revenue-driving activities

Send and track sales invoices to customers for your products and services. Get paid in person, online or over the phone quickly and easily with our billing solution.

Automate sending invoices to clients

Generate personalised invoices for customers in seconds, saving you effort and reducing operating costs. Free up time, so you can spend time on building your brand and optimising sales.

Provide customers with a better billing experience

Our billing software can handle recurring bills, payments and refunds. Customise billing services for multiple customers at once and address their changing requirements.

Grow your business

Save hours each month by automating routine admin tasks like recurring  invoicing and begin tracking revenue across your business automatically.

Collaborate on billing

Whether you want to work with your team or your accountant, billing software simplifies expenses and day-to-day bookkeeping. Your teams can also upload financial informational quickly and easily to your billing software.

Accept payments via credit and debit cards

Our integration with leading payment processor Stripe displays a Pay Now button on your invoices. Customers can click it and pay immediately. Or you can take payments over the phone.

Create and print delivery notes

Create delivery notes associated with invoices at the click on a button, showing what's been purchased, who it's from and where it was delivered.

“I am not technical and even I can understand it. It makes you feel like you’re more in control of your business."

Suzanne Mottershead
Leisure Surfaces


Billing software is a type of computer program that enables business to determine how much to charge clients and customers. Businesses can use billing software to track time spent on projects, accounts, or with clients. They can also use it send invoices and get paid. It is meant as a replacement for paper billing and spreadsheets.

Time and billing software enables businesses to create quotes, estimates, pro forma invoices, interim invoices, final invoices, recurring invoices and more. You can also use our billing solutions to create and send professional invoices, and track money owed.

A bill is received; whereas an invoice is sent. A business sends an invoice to a client or customer when they want to get paid for providing a product or a service. On the other hand, a customer receives a bill from a supplier or contractor for a product or a service. Bills are usually immediate whereas invoices are sent sometime after the provision of a product or a service.

However, this terminology differs in the United States versus the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom, businesses typically use sales and purchase invoices rather than invoices and bills. A sales invoice refers to the sale of a product or a service by a business, whereas a purchase invoice refers to the purchase of goods, materials or services by a business from a supplier. In the United States, purchase invoices are more commonly know as vendor bills.

To make a billing invoice, consider using billing software. It's faster than a spreadsheet or paper processes. Billing is easy to accomplish inside of Sage Accounting.

  1. Go to Sales, Sales Invoices, New Invoice.
  2. Enter the information including the customer name, invoice date, due date, reference, invoice address and delivery address. Sage Accounting will prepopulate some of these fields for you.
  3. Record the sale of the specific product(s) or service(s) with quantities and pricing
  4. Add more products or information to your invoice if required.
  5. Save, email and or print the invoice and send to your customer. 

This Sage Accounting invoicing tutorial explains the process in more detail.

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