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Product updates

Benefit from a solution that is designed to help you manage your business at your pace and scale with ease. 

Sage 100 Payroll 2.23.0

  • In Payroll Options on the History tab, the default number of years to retain payroll is now nine years.
    • The minimum required number of years to retain history has not changed, and this update will not affect your existing settings.
  • Compliance changes needed for tax year 2022:
    • Updated Aatrix Tax Types
    • Updated Aatrix Payroll Version
    • Updated Payroll System Tax Table files

See the Payroll 2.23.0 release notes.

Release 2022.2

This version contains program fixes. See the 2022.2 release notes for a complete list.

Sage 100 Payroll 2.22.3

  • Reset deduction goal at year-end for all deduction types.
  • Add year-to-date Earnings Hours to the crystal check printing work-file.
  • New deduction calculation method for garnishments.

See the Payroll 2.22.3 release notes.

Release 2022.1

Inventory Requirements Planning compatibility with Sage Production Management

The Inventory Requirements Planning (IRP) module is now compatible with Sage 100 version 2022.0 of Production Management. As of the 2022.1 release, the updated version of IRP will be automatically installed when you upgrade.

Sage 100 Payroll 2.22.2

  • Customers can now create Accounts Payable invoices from Payroll for payroll taxes and deductions
  • Tax liability report now matches the Quarterly Tax Report or Check History Report
  • Auto deductions are now pulled into Payroll Data Entry when multiple Fringe Earnings Codes are pulled from Time Track Entry
Production Management Work Ticket Management Enter Work Ticket Print Work Ticket Open Work Ticket Work Ticket Picking Sheet Work Ticket WIP Item Dispatch Sheet Transaction Detail Purchase Order Operation Ticket Work Ticket History Sales Order Materials Where-Used Reports Inquiries Templates Bills Items Enter Work Ticket Transactions Post Transactions Enter Labor for Employee/Crew Post Labor Entries Complete Work Ticket Close Work Ticket Use this processs flow to enter a work ticket, post material sources and labor entries, and then complete and close the work ticket. Other tasks include printing forms and reports and viewing inquiries

Release 2022.0
Sage Production Management

Sage Production Management brings the features of Work Order into a modern technology stack, now managed by Sage. It introduces primary and secondary data entry grids, batch data entry, user defined fields and tables, custom scripting, and a host of other features that are enjoyed by the latest generation of modules for Sage 100.

This release also offers over a dozen new features designed to help minimize repetitive and manual processes.

Upgrade to Sage 100 2022

Still contemplating if an upgrade is right for your business? Take a moment to explore how Sage 100 has evolved to help you scale with ease, increase productivity, and ensure that your environment is secure and compliant. 

Sage 100 add-ons and extensions:
Customized solutions for your business

Maximize the power of Sage 100 by tailoring it to meet your specific business needs.

Extend the capabilities of your Sage 100 software by integrating it with additional Sage products and third party applications. Process payments, manage invoices, track shipments and more with our huge ecosystem of independent software vendors (ISVs).


Sage Enterprise Intelligence

Sage Enterprise Intelligence is an intuitive business intelligence solution integrated with your Sage business management system to help business users reduce time spent on analysis and reporting and make faster, better-informed decisions. It empowers all users with a simple solution to access and analyze data in a self-sufficient manner, which eliminates the need for disparate tools and specialized skills and can reduce time to decision.

  • Easy Record
  • Fast
  • Comprehensive
  • Intuitive & Actionable



Sage Data & Analytics

This solution incorporates pre-built data models from other Sage and competitive ERP platforms. This enables you to keep extensive insight into data from previous systems as you switch to Sage 100, without the need to manually map data to the new database model or transfer all of your historical data into the new Sage 100 live transactional database.

  • Combine Data Sources
  • Personalized Dashboards
  • New Solutions Available
Doclink logo

Digital Document Management and Process Automation

Altec is a leading provider of integrated document management and process automation solutions. DocLink, the only Sage-endorsed solution of its kind, helps companies connect people, processes and data providing them with the ability to store, search, retrieve and send any document securely. DocLink effectively eliminates the need for paper while automating processes that improve organizational efficiency and reduce costs associated with human errors.

  • Cost Savings
  • Time Savings
  • Security

Sage AP Automation

Sage AP Automation reduces manual data entry and automates approval workflows for your team, making the AP process more efficient and less error-prone. Easily approve POs, invoices, expenses and payments from anywhere, on the computer or our mobile app.

  • Increase control over AP
  • Improve visibility from POs to payments
  • Eliminate paper & filing cabinets
  • Improve accountability & easily find invoices
  • Reduce Invoice Processing Costs
  • Ensure Business Continuity

Accounts Receivable Automation

Credit Hound by Draycir is powerful collections management software which works to help reduce late payments. It helps customers to manage cash flow, reduce bad debt and encourage more payments to come in on time, instantly showing who owes you money and who you need to chase, all making your profit a priority. It's a cloud solution meaning that you can start chasing overdue customers within minutes.

  • Better cashflow
  • Reduced debtor days
  • Improved Time Management
  • A quick return on investment

Sage Alerts & Workflow

Sage Alerts and Workflow is a unique combination of data mining (monitoring), alerts, reporting, and workflow technologies that automatically monitor and respond to critical information in ERP, CRM, HRM, and related applications. It is an advanced warning system that monitors business systems to identify critical interventions required, generates reporting to drive timely decision making, and automates communications to the right people to intervene.

  • An invisible assistant for businesses
  • Streamline operations and add value
  • Improve cash flow
  • Improve reporting for clearer insight

Advanced Inventory Management

Make better inventory decisions with an intuitive, cloud-based application built on decades of best practices and tailored to the small & medium-sized business. Free up cash gathering dust in the warehouse, save carrying costs, increase sales and profits and improve the customer experience. All with a low-cost and rapidly deployed tool accessible from any device, any time, anywhere. Join 1,000 other Sage ERP users who place perfect purchase orders with a click!

  • Release working capital
  • Reduce carrying costs of inventory
  • Increase sales and profits
  • Improve buyer productivity

Sage Operations Management

By adding Sage 100 Manufacturing to your existing Sage 100 solution, you’ll have an automated workhorse to manage and track the complete job lifecycle of everything you produce, giving you the control and insight you need to be able to meet customer and business needs, fast.

  • End to end control
  • Improve visibility
  • Improve customer experience and reduce cost
  • Save time

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Connect with any trading partner through a single point of integration using SPS Commerce Fulfillment for Sage. Our full-service team of Sage EDI experts monitors and manages your EDI solution to ensure ongoing compliance and seamless operations. Leveraging MAPADOC technology, our Sage integrations offer a superior user experience than competitive offerings as the technology is fully embedded within the ERP environment, allowing customers to use their existing business processes and workflows.

  • Never worry about EDI compliance
  • One-Step EDI Processing within Sage
  • Minimize risk and costly errors
  • Backed by Sage EDI Experts

Sage HR

Solve your HR challenges. Onboard your employees, automate your HR process and get meaningful insights.

  • Centralize employee records for full visibility of your entire workforce.
  • Manage your workforce online with digital communications, reporting, org charts.
  • Give employees easy remote access to payslips, company policies, schedules.
  • Enable your people to request time off, check vacation balance, and see who’s away anytime, anywhere.
  • Share goals and priorities to unite team efforts.
  • Snap and submit receipts in a flash directly from the mobile app.

Sage People

The cloud-based HR and people system for medium-sized companies.

  • Multilingual HCM system with information and communication platform.
  • Extensive people analytics and controlling functions.
  • Comprehensive recruiting and onboarding.
  • Performance and talent management.
  • Configurable integration of third-party systems.
  • Building on the world's leading Salesforce Cloud platform.
Avalara logo

Automate Sales and Use Tax Compliance

Sage Sales Tax by Avalara and Sage Business Cloud seamlessly integrates so you can focus on growing your business, not worrying about sales tax compliance. Sage Sales Tax is the most powerful sales tax tool ensuring your business is in compliance with the latest rules and rates for accurate tax calculation.

  • Eliminates the risks of getting sales tax wrong
  • Seamless integration
  • Save hours of admin time
  • No additional hardware or software required

Take your ERP to the cloud

There's no better time to move to the cloud and modernize your ERP. Learn how to deploy your Sage 100 solution to the cloud and explore insights on the security, flexibility, and speed you get when you take your ERP to the cloud.

Brush up on the latest in cyber security for your Sage solution

Learn about cloud security best practices, threats, and how to best protect yourself, your business, and your clients, as told by Sage Chief Information Security Officer Ben Aung.

Security in the cloud

Learn how the cloud allows us to scale security in a completely unprecedented way.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Discover the importance of MFA for your organization's cybersecurity.

The leading threat in cybersecurity

Ben Aung shares cost-effective options for protecting against ransomware.

Sage 100 resources

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Explore scheduled and on-demand ISV webcasts for Sage customers.

Your Sage solution has a powerful ecosystem of add-ons that can help run a more efficient business.  All the add-on solutions showcased in our webcast series integrate seamlessly with Sage 100.

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How do ISVs work with Sage 100?

These solutions are selected by Sage product management ensuring they meet the highest technical standards and seamlessly integrate with Sage 100.

Many ISVs use our Sage 100 SDK (software development kit) and integrate their functionality right inside the Sage 100 user interface (UI) so using the new add-on is seamless. Everything syncs and access is right there in your Sage 100 menu.

Others have a separate application which syncs to Sage 100 on the backend via our API (application programming interface). Extensions are typically accessed through a special login portal or through a separate mobile application altogether.

How do I add ISVs to my Sage 100 software?

Visit the Sage Business Cloud Marketplace where you can view and research all the ISV solutions that integrate with Sage 100.

Sage works with business partners who are experts at configuring and integrating ISV add-ons to your Sage 100 product. Should you find a solution you are interested in please complete the “contact us” form within each listing on the marketplace or contact your Sage business partner.

Or through the ISV’s own website. Either way, your business partner can help you procure the ISV solution of your choice and integrate it to your Sage 100 system.

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