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My Workforce Analyzer: ACA reporting and compliance

With Sage HRMS, you can meet the ACA reporting requirements easily. My Workforce Analyzer helps HR departments manage employer-sponsored health care and stay compliant with regulations.

Get compliant with ACA

When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) went into effect, life got more complicated for your company and your HR team.

Which of the new IRS forms will you need to file? What are forms 1094-C and 1095-C? How many full-time employees do you really have? Will you face fines for failing to provide affordable health care coverage?

With My Workforce Analyzer, you can conveniently and affordably abide by ACA reporting requirements and make decisions with confidence.

Stay compliant. stay informed.

Keep it simple

You can count on My Workforce Analyzer as a system of record for ACA responsibilities.

My Workforce Analyzer uses data from your company to address specific questions and concerns, produce online dashboards, generate required forms, and help keep you compliant well ahead of deadlines so you can avoid stress and penalties. Although much of the data is imported from your HR or payroll product, intuitive setup screens simplify entering missing information about your company’s employees, benefits, and health care plans.

Compare and contrast with HRMS

You can monitor important information such as full-time and full-time equivalent employee counts, your company’s status as a large employer for the current and upcoming years, employee hours of service, employees approaching part-time or full-time thresholds, and the countdown to the next administrative period in which changes can be made.

My Workforce Analyzer even lets you model different scenarios to decide whether to pay penalties for non-compliance or provide affordable health care. You can view a summary of your annual expenses, including the cost of benefits, penalties, and taxes. You can also compare your expenses based on three different scenarios.

Have it all in one place

Management of the whole ACA reporting is a challenge, and seeing which employees are receiving what benefits compounds the problem.

My Workforce Analyzer shows a summary of employees with and without health care coverage, including employee and employer contributions listed by employee. It also reveals a monthly breakdown of health care coverage affordability by employee and means you can create a list of employees who receive subsidized health care coverage through a state health insurance exchange.

Comply with the ACA Act

Find out how the Workforce Analyzer can help

Choose to pay for non-compliance, explore health care scenarios, and summarize annual expenses.

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