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Time is of the essence

Employees are the foundation, fuel, and future of your business. It pays for HR professionals to keep track of how and where your star performers spend their time.

Make the most of every dollar

An automated time and attendance tracking software platform can help HR and payroll professionals improve payroll accuracy, save money, boost morale, and become more efficient.

For example, automated time and attendance tracking system logs and analyzes employee work hours mechanically. Aside from assisting HR and businesses to remain compliant with state and federal regulations, time and attendance tracking software captures the number of sick, vacation, and paid-time-off (PTO) days each employee takes per year and provides HR and payroll professionals with tools that monitor and facilitate payroll.

Increase efficiency

One of the fundamental features of a time and attendance management system is its ability to dramatically reduce the amount of time needed to perform routine tasks.

Rather than asking HR or payroll professionals to manually enter data submitted by employees, which would mean not only creating new spreadsheets every pay period but also taking up hours inputting numbers, time and attendance software automates that step.

Get the right HR services for your business

With Sage HRMS, you can add services that are applicable to your needs and your HR software.
These will help you:

Reduce compliance risk and boost productivity

Sage Time eliminates the traditional time clock, introduces manager and employee self-service, is delivered in the cloud as a SaaS solution, and integrates with Sage HR and payroll solutions.

Automate payroll timecards

Use Sage HRMS Time and Labor Import by Delphia Consulting to streamline the process of validating and importing data from most any data source into the Sage HRMS Payroll timecard file with this easy-to-use interface.

Take control of attendance and labor data

Sage Time and Attendance by Insperity is an intuitive, 100% web-based solution that eliminates the burden of manual processes, saves time and money, and minimizes compliance risk.

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