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Your all-in-one solution for accounting, payroll, and HR.

Grow your organization with our AI-powered continuous accounting software with integrated payroll and HR solutions.

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Outgrowing QuickBooks?

Find out why thriving organizations say goodbye to QuickBooks and partner with Sage Intacct to power their growth.

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We want you to choose Sage, but if you don’t, perhaps these tips will save you some headaches down the road.

Build a strong foundation for growth

Dashboards and Reporting gives you real-time visibility into your business financials to help you make better, data-driven decisions.
Income Statement AP Analysis Customer Aging Maine Florida California Texas Revenue by Entity Controller Dashboard Cash on Hand $5,086,913 Revenue YTD $1,015,540 Cost of Sales $32,868 Gross Profit $982,671 Net Income YTD $815,481
The dimensions feature makes it easy to categorize your transactions and operational data so you can track your business like never before.
Profit and Loss - by Location Totall Current Assets 125,000.00 0.00 125,000.00 633,218.08 417,888.28 1,595,791.87 758,218.08 758,218.08 758,218.08 701,573.61 344,545.02 1,416,028.60 417,888.28 417,888.28 417,888.28 1,720,791.87 1,720,791.87 1,720,791.87 Revenue $8,675,295 +$4,726,810 vs prior quarter Profit Margin 22.61% +87.10 vs prior quarter Cash in Bank $19,817K +$3,333,450 vs prior quarter EBITDA $1,015,662 +$537,948 vs prior quarter Contracts Signed by Locations New York San Franciso Revenue Net Income (Loss) Profit & Loss - Actual vs Budget 12/30/2021 CFO Dashboard Clear General Admin Marketing Engineering Customer Support Technical Services Quality Assurance Professional Services Product Management Operations Support Sales Operating Expense by Department
Intelligent General Ledger (GL)™ pairs AI and automation to streamline accounting processes and improve data accuracy.
Sales CFO Dashboard Assets 15,956K Expenses 20,542 Revenue 224,407 Net Income 131,788 Balance Sheet Dealt by Entity Assets California Month Ending 06/06/2022 New York Month Ending 06/06/2022 Current Assets Cash In Bank 1,606,798.81 306,404.78 Suntrust 0.00 0.00 Visa/MC/Discover 11,500.00 0.00 American Express 6,000.00 0.00 Petty Cash 69,874.85 18,000.00 Savings 6,132.00 16,132.00 Net Income by Location California Florida Texas New York Top level 10-Texas 20-Florida 30-New York 40-California Top Level
Accounts Payable saves your business hundreds of hours by eliminating repetitive payment tasks with automated processes and built-in visibility.
Purchasing Operations Indirect Spend Actual / Budget Vendor Aging System Foods 21,052.00 0.00 0.00 Computer connections 600.00 0.00 0.00 International Business System 4600.00 0.00 0.00 Blue Sky Marketing 1700.00 0.00 0.00 Blue Triangle 17,700.00 5900.00 5,900.00 Vendor Name -0 1-30 30-60 Defender Purchase Trx Approve Purchasing Transactions Transaction Date Vendor Pay to Total Amount Request status Requester Document number Type Submitted djackson PR-000057 Purc Toronto InDirect Spend Office Expense Total InDirect Spend 900 900 900 900 06/06/2022 Vancouver 06/06/2022 As of today Cash $17,363K +169,264 vs. prior month Operating Expense $6,274 -650 vs. budget Accounts Payable $1,049K -1,061 vs. budget
Accounts Receivable eliminates inefficiencies, gets you paid faster and increases your cash flow.
Due date * 07/07/2022 Attachment -- Term Net 30 Invoice Header Custom fields Post Draft More actions 4578 Main St. Vancouver, BC V5Y 2G4 4578 Main St. Vancouver, BC V5Y 2G4 Date * 06/06/2022 Customer * CUST-00113-Sarah Smith Sarah Smith (CUST-00113) Bill to Sarah Smith (CUST-00113) Ship to 3487 Reference Number Description Message Thank you! Invoice number 323243-34
Multi-Entity Insights empowers growing multi-entity businesses with valuable insights for clarity and enhanced efficiency.
Top Level Controller Dashboard Balance Sheet Dealt by Entity Assets Texas Month Ending 06/06/2024 Maine Month Ending 06/06/2024 Current Assets Cash In Bank 1,606,798.81 306,404.78 Cash Flow Detail by Entity Operations Net income 152,000.00 70,249.00 Texas YTD 12/31/2024 Maine YTD 12/31/2024 Financials - Income Statement Detail Net Income Gross Profit Sales Total Sales 290,000 290,000 73,745 73,745 Texas YTD 12/31/2024 Maine Month Ending 12/31/2024 Revenue by Entity California Texas Florida Maine Cash on Hand $9,392,728 +$862,359 vs prior year Revenue YTD $876,427 +$81,359 vs prior year Gross Profit $873,533 +$81,359 vs prior year Net Income YTD $638,420 +36,343 vs prior year Top Level 10-Texas 20-Florida 30-New York 40-California Top Level

Don't let time-consuming manual processes hold you back

Modernize your business with the best-in-class cloud accounting and financial management solution for businesses of any size.


Slash your monthly close by up to 66% with time-saving automation.


Get real-time multi-dimensional reporting. No more Excel.

Free up finance leaders so they can drive more growth.

The only AICPA-recommended solution

Businesses are ditching their old accounting software for Sage Intacct cloud accounting and financial solutions—and for several good reasons, including the fact that it's the only solution backed by the AICPA.

Sage Intacct facts:

  • Highest customer satisfaction in the mid-market accounting industry - G2.
  • Accelerates finance team productivity by 40% or more.
  • Trusted by over 24,500 businesses.

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Extended capabilities

Always be ready for what's next by easily extending your Sage Intacct cloud accounting software.


Dynamic allocations

Fully automate your allocations and get greater visibility into the performance of segments within your business.


Global capabilities

Streamline global operations with centralized accounting software.

Fixed assets

Manage your entire asset lifecycle in one system, and automate processes to speed up month's close and cut risk.

Solutions tailored for your industry

No matter what industry you're in, your business is unique. Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all solution. Sage Intacct is built to suit your industry's specific needs.

Accountants & CPA firms

Biotech & life sciences



Financial Services






Professional services


SaaS & subscription

Wholesale Distribution

All industries


Get more than just great software

All Sage customers are part of the Sage community. As a Sage member, you can enjoy benefits, connect with experts and industry peers, and get insights that help you and your business.

Member Masterclass

Dip into talks and articles by leading experts to help with business challenges, like unlocking productivity and building resilience.

Community forums

Hear from industry experts and connect with businesses and partners to get product help and useful insights.


Master the full power of your software with comprehensive learning resources.

Customer meetups

Join us in various cities for networking, learning and the latest product updates.

Sage Intacct User Conference

Access to an exclusive event for customers and partners to learn, collaborate, and inspire.

Software certification

Take courses, earn certifications and stand out from the crowd. 

Trusted by over 24,500 businesses

Customers have named Sage Intacct a leader in customer satisfaction for the 9th straight year. We are #1 in customer satisfaction in 11 categories and Leaders in over 41 categories.
Technology & Software

With Sage Intacct, Voices' month-end close time decreased from 15 to 2 days: We expected a solution that was quick, detailed, and easy to use—we've gotten all of that and more.

Brittany McCarthy
Director of Finance


We've gained better visibility into our spending across locations which helps us optimize our purchases and minimize waste.

Sudesh Galhenage
Hope's Home
Technology & Software

When we looked closely at Sage Intacct, and spoke to the Sage partner representing the solution, we were convinced this was the better option.

Gabe Lawrence
Director of Finance & Administration
Software Development

I absolutely love Sage Intacct. The ease of use, dimensional accounting, and real-time drill down into transactions has made my life much easier.

Sunny Wu
VP of Finance

We’ve been very fortunate to work with great partners and Sage Intacct. With their help, we are excited our new finance platform will help improve organizational efficiency today.

Yan-Yan Lee
VP of Finance
RMH BC & Yukon

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