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Sage Intacct cloud accounting for franchises

Improve your efficiency, simplify consolidations, and gain real-time visibility across multiple locations with Sage accounting software for franchise businesses.

08/30/2022 Clear CFO Dashboard P&L by Entity / Location Total Revenue - Sales Revenue - Sales 4100 - Sales - Food 4200 - Sales - Beverage Revenue Cost of Sales Revenue 5COS5COS 100 - - Food 200 - - Beverage Total Cost of Sales Revenue Cost of Revenue Total Revenue Total Cost of Revenue Gross Profit Gross Profit % General & Admin Exp Mrkt & Advertising Exp Operating Expenses 2,043,948 1,430,764 613,184 2,043,948 4,403,436 3,175,668 1,227,768 4,403,436 1,751,706 1,254,228 497,478 1,751,706 8,199,090 5,860,689 2,338,431 8,199,090 Branded BBQ Year To Date 12/31/2013 Sunset Grille Year To Date 12/31/2013 Tom’s Tavern Year To Date 12/31/2013 All Franchises Year To Date 12/31/2013 617,028 67.17% 477 875 193,153 617,028 1,372,920 67,450 50,747 66,565 26,276 167,330 79,262 301,346 156,284 1,465,164 66.73% 1,095 ,605 369,559 1,465,164 2,938,272 600,660 65.71% 438,980 161,680 600,660 1,151,046 66.62% 2,012,460 724,392 2,736,852 5,462,238 2,736,852 Total Sales $8,199K Cost of Sales $2,736K Total Oper Exps $4,913K Total Net Income (Loss) $548K Revenue per Sq Ft $490 Labor Cost Percentage 33% Receivables over Sales Revenue Operating Expenses Gross Profit Net Income (Loss) $4,000,000 $3,200,000 $2,400,000 $1,600,000 $800,000 $0 YTD Franchise Snapshot Branded BBQ Sunset Grille Tom’s Tavern

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Powerful, automated accounting software for franchises

Manage the finances of all your franchisee's businesses, and make it easy for each franchise or entity to function as an autonomous unit. 
Vancouver Montreal New York London Net income by Location Revenue by item 100k 80k 90,935.00 0.00 90,035.50 (90,108.00) 0.00 (4,586.00) 20,586.00 0.00 Cash Flow Detail by Entity Vancouver 03/06/2022 Montreal 03/06/2022 Operations Net income Item not requiring cash - Current Period Total Operations for Cash Flow Changes in Cash from Operating Activities Accounts Receivable Inventory Other Assets Accounts Payable Other Current Liabilities 178,075.00 0.00 178,075.00 (193,000.00) 0.00 4,589.00 13,905.00 0.00 Daily View As of today All locations CFO Cash and Cash Equivalent $14,775K +147,923 vs. prior month Revenue $224,407 +49,934 vs. prior month Net Income $131,788 +39,840 vs. prior month Expenses $20,524 -8,000 vs. prior month

Turn data into insights with rich, flexible, and accurate financial reports and customizable dashboards. See your entire business, as well as your individual franchises or locations.

Income Statement AP Analysis Customer Aging Maine Florida California Texas Revenue by Entity Controller Dashboard Cash on Hand $5,086,913 Revenue YTD $1,015,540 Cost of Sales $32,868 Gross Profit $982,671 Net Income YTD $815,481
Seamlessly connect to leading point-of-sale and front-office systems, as well as franchise management, asset management, payroll, and payment applications with easy, cloud-based integration. Get back those hours spent on duplicate data entry and move your business forward with confidence, knowing Sage Intacct works seamlessly with virtually any application. 
Simplify revenue management with automated revenue and expense reallocation.
Booked Revenue 283,643 Projected Revenue 848,875 Licenses Subscription Package Total Revenues by Revenue stream 0.00 30.00K 20.00K 10.00K 40.00K 50.00K Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Revenue Recognition

Additional franchise accounting software features

Our features and flexible add-on modules are perfect for expanding franchise businesses to further automate and streamline complex processes. 

Cash management automation

Improve your cash visibility and cash flow management.

Multi-entity and global consolidations

Consolidate hundreds of franchises in minutes, not days—and boost productivity by more than 50%.

Fixed assets

Automate asset management and depreciation with the Sage Intacct Fixed Assets module.

Why franchises choose Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct

Manage the finances of all your franchisee's businesses, and make it easy for each franchise or entity to function as an autonomous unit with the best franchise accounting software. Sage Intacct franchise accounting software lets you see financial performance for each franchise location, and easily roll up to a consolidated view.


  • Manage all your entities from one place and streamline inter-entity consolidations and eliminations.
  • Make faster, smarter financial decisions and optimize resource with real-time visibility into hospitality specific metrics and dashboard analytics.
  • Increase productivity for across franchises with automation and workflows that streamline processes to save time and reduce errors.


  • Confidently stay compliant with evolving revenue recognition requirements without compromising efficiency.
  • Improve cash flow management and revenue forecasting with real-time visibility into current inflows, outflows, and revenue streams.
  • Seamlessly scale as your multi-entity franchise business grows with ease.
8.8 out of 10
WINTER 2023 Nonprofit Leader WINTER 2023 Mid-Market Leader

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Keith Ungerer

Corporate Controller, HomeVestors

Before we made the switch, we were using archaic software that had been heavily customized, was costly to maintain, and wasn’t integrated. It was clear that we needed a new, more robust financial system that could sync with our payment portal in real-time to eliminate duplicate data entry and manual work. We looked at both NetSuite and Sage Intacct, and ultimately chose Sage Intacct because it offered sophisticated multi-entity ERP functionality in the cloud, as well as proven integrations with partner solutions like 2CP’s customer payment portal.


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FAQs on franchise accounting

Growing franchises often find that it’s time to step up from on-premise software such as QuickBooks as they grow in number of entities, locations, brands, or complexity. If you’ve reached the point where your growth is being held back by manual data entry, cumbersome consolidations, spreadsheet manipulation, and lack of controls, a cloud franchise accounting solution can automate your financial processes to save you time. By automating those repetitive, time consuming tasks, we’ve helped our customers save hundreds of hours a week and get access to real-time data.

And, as your business grows, you need an accounting system that grows with you. Sage Intacct provides a scalable architecture that supports growth, giving you the ability to set up new entities in minutes.

We’ve built our franchise accounting software to support the evolving needs of the hospitality industry. Our hospitality accounting software features includes:

  • Automated Multi-entity financial management. Push-button consolidations aggregate transactions in minutes across your franchise with multiple entities, stores, regions, properties, and brands. Gain efficiencies and free-up resources by automating and streamlining financial multi-entity processes like procurement, month end close and intercompany consolidations.
  • Powerful reporting and dashboards. Improve cash flow and revenue forecasting with real-time visibility into cost and performance data giving you the insights that you need to make informed management decisions. Gain real-time visibility into metrics and KPIs that matter for your franchise business.
  • True cloud technology with open API: Track metrics central to your organization’s entire business by leveraging key data from your property management system (PMS), point-of-sale (POS), payroll and other existing or future systems important for your business.
  • Strong core accounting: Our key core accounting features provide the foundation for your financials: a dimensional general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, order management, purchasing, and Sage Collaborate to communicate with your team in real-time.

Sage Intacct is a highly configurable, complete, modern cloud-based franchise accounting software solution that accommodates the needs of franchises of varying sizes and complexities. Your cost for the Sage Intacct software will depend upon the size of your accounting team and the modules that you choose to implement.

But cost is a relative term. With efficiency and productivity gains as well as increased financial visibility, our franchise customers state that they get substantial ROI. With Sage Intacct:

  • HomeVestors shortened DSO by 2 days, freeing up $120,000 in cash.
  • Laird Management reduced monthly close time from 20 days to 10 and cut reporting time from 10 hours to 2.
  • StarCorp cut 144 monthly bank reconciliations into 1 daily reconciliation.

To start your journey into real-time visibility, deeper financial insights, and faster data-driven decision-making, request a price quote.

Sage Intacct has been an innovative leader in the cloud financial management and accounting space for more than a decade. Over that time, we’ve accumulated widespread acclaim for our product and customer service as well as for our customer successes.

As the only franchise accounting software preferred by the AICPA, Sage Intacct is considered the best franchise accounting software solution by independent finance and software experts like AICPA, Gartner, G2, TrustRadius and many others.

In its G2 Grid Report for Mid-Market Accounting, G2 named Sage Intacct as a leader with the highest customer satisfaction score for ERP systems. And it wasn’t just this year. Since 2015, Sage Intacct has consistently had the highest scores on satisfaction, product direction, and net promoter score when compared to other cloud accounting software providers.

Sage Intacct has been an innovative leader in the cloud financial management and accounting space for more than a decade. Built by individuals with deep industry expertise, we understand the needs of franchise businesses and are committed to providing the solutions that help franchises boost productivity and profits.

Sage Intacct is a true cloud financial software system, essential to providing your business with a modern system to that provides easy integration and access anytime, anyplace.

The best of all worlds, the stability of a global multi-industry software provider along with the deep industry experience and that comes from helping franchises of all sizes and complexities better run their financial systems.

Sage Intacct is built to grow with you. You can start with our core accounting and add on as your business needs change. Our goal is to ensure that you are getting the highest value for your financial software investment, not just for today but for tomorrow.

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