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Sage Intacct for wholesale and distribution businesses

Improve capital efficiency with the automation and intelligence only the best accounting software for distribution can provide. Stock up on better business insights to improve efficiency for your wholesale distribution company with Sage Intacct.

Sales Dashboard $18,215.14 YTD sales $281.56 MTD sales 12 New customers -$4,732 Deal size trends Sales process Customer Sales order Sales shipment Sales invoice Sales return receipt Sales credit memo Order to deliver 20 200 $10,000 22/03/2021 Pending 210 $96,100 22/03/2022 Pending 250 $50,000 22/03/2021 Draft 215 $34,100 22/03/2022 Draft Shipment to invoice 15 SH202109003 $50 30/09/2021 Not invoiced SH202109003 $138 30/09/2022 Not invoiced SH202109007 $385 29/09/2021 Not invoiced SH202109008 $133.16 27/09/2021 Not invoiced

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Powerful, automated accounting for wholesalers & distributors

Automate financial processes like cash management, AP/AR, order management, and more and slash close time by 50%.
Vancouver Montreal New York London Net income by Location Revenue by item 100k 80k 90,935.00 0.00 90,035.50 (90,108.00) 0.00 (4,586.00) 20,586.00 0.00 Cash Flow Detail by Entity Vancouver 03/06/2022 Montreal 03/06/2022 Operations Net income Item not requiring cash - Current Period Total Operations for Cash Flow Changes in Cash from Operating Activities Accounts Receivable Inventory Other Assets Accounts Payable Other Current Liabilities 178,075.00 0.00 178,075.00 (193,000.00) 0.00 4,589.00 13,905.00 0.00 Daily View As of today All locations CFO Cash and Cash Equivalent $14,775K +147,923 vs. prior month Revenue $224,407 +49,934 vs. prior month Net Income $131,788 +39,840 vs. prior month Expenses $20,524 -8,000 vs. prior month
Achieve 25% faster quote-to-cash cycles with Sage Intacct.
Net Income by Location California Texas New York Florida Sales $0 $1,400 $2,800 $4,200 $5,600 $7,000 Revenue per Item by Location Texas California Florida New York $3,200,000 $4,000,000 Cash Flow YTD P&L by Entity (% of Sales) Florida New York Texas California Operating Income $64,057 +$1,656 vs. prior month Operating Expenses $11,424 -$1,100 vs. prior month Revenue per Sq. Ft. $629 +$26 vs pror month
Improve inventory accuracy and supplier relations with automated and streamlined workflows. Improve cycle times, ensure timely payments, and manage purchase requests and returns.
PURCHASE ORDER P0230028 Create Approve 3 Receive 4 Invoice Purchasing site * ACME Manufacturing Supplier * Carpenter Foam Order date * 08/14/2024 Number P0230028 Lines Info Financial Totals Notes Status Tax status Origin Item name* Receiving* In progress Done Direct Back Foam ACME Manufacturing MINIMUM ORDER AMOUNT $14,441K EARLIEST EXPECTED DATE Aug 14 2024 TOTAL EXCLUDING TAX $131.50 TOTAL INCLUDING TAX $142.35
Optimize inventory and warehouse operations, track movement, and meet customer demands on-time with real-time updates and traceability.
New Channel Scenario Add widget $1.5M $2M $2.5M $1M $500K $0 Operating expenses By Department Bookings growth $5M $2.5M $7.5M $10M 0 By Location Jun 22 $679.06K $715.1K $842.67K $2.24M Engineering General & Admin Sales & Marketing Total Budget
Simplify complex processes with single screen task completion and configurable views that block out the noise. 
Income Statement AP Analysis Customer Aging Maine Florida California Texas Revenue by Entity Controller Dashboard Cash on Hand $5,086,913 Revenue YTD $1,015,540 Cost of Sales $32,868 Gross Profit $982,671 Net Income YTD $815,481
Leverage the power of cloud, from easier integrations, near limitless capacity, security, and non-disruptive upgrades.
Transaction numbering Numbering sequence Transaction Definition: Order Entry General Posting Configuration Security Configuration Entity Settings Contract Invoice Description Invoice Template type Invoice Workflow category Active Status Contract Invoice Template name Properties

Additional accounting features for distributors. This product is not for franchises.

Sage Intacct add-on modules bring a new level of agility to your distribution business and are perfect for further automating and simplifying complex processes. 

Multiple-entity and global consolidations

Consolidate multiple entities in minutes and boost productivity by more than 50%.


Enable your organization to budget, plan, and quickly adapt to ever-changing conditions.

Fast close. Faster insights.

Download our executive summary and discover how manufacturers and distributors are saving 4.5 days every month with automation.

Why distributors and wholesalers choose Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct

Speed up cycle times and seamlessly manage items, costing and more with cloud-native ERP that enables teams from Finance to Operations to use real-time data to make decisions quicker. Distributors around the world rely on Sage Intacct to:


  • Reduce stock outs with real-time order-to-cash data to improve inventory turns.
  • Easily connect and integrate with other systems with a native-cloud framework that provides a seamless flow of data across your organization.
  • Gain deeper insights into sales operations and enhance relationships with customers and suppliers.


  • Get more orders out the door quicker by simplifying workflow for the operations users.
  • Maintain healthy margins with automated inventory replenishment processes.
  • Streamline your order fulfillment processes, ensuring accuracy and customer satisfaction.
8.8 out of 10

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Inventory Management : The Right Items in the Right Place at the Right Time

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Jeremy Pertman

Former CEO, Dapple

Agility and insight are essential for a small, rapidly growing company like Dapple. Sage Intacct has made a huge impact on both, by reducing the time we spend on finance housekeeping and freeing us up to focus on things that are actually growing the business. Thanks to the real-time financial and operational visibility we now have in Sage Intacct, I can always see if we're meeting our forecasts, and I sleep better at night.

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FAQs for wholesale & distribution accounting

Sage Intacct manages your entire supply chain from the time the order is placed, through delivery confirmation, and everything in between. The physical management of inventory by warehouse, zones, aisles, and bins is fully supported by the Lot, Serial and Expiration control of stocked, non-stock and kitted items. Order demand with anticipated forecast is continuously balanced with item purchase replenishment - ensuring timely supply of inventory to meet your customers’ expectations. Underpinned by our robust financials, multi-entity, and multi-dimensional capabilities, Sage Intacct rounds out managing your supply chain with highly interactive role-based dashboards and reporting capabilities.

Sage Intacct provides you with visibility and control of the sales, purchasing, order, and inventory processes as part of our overall supply chain capabilities. Using the multi-entity and multi-dimensional capabilities, the user-configured transaction definitions - put you in control of each step of the process flow. Take a product tour and learn more

Sage Intacct supports the key capabilities that most general distribution companies expect - order and shipment management, fully featured inventory control, and purchasing management. Take a product tour and learn more. 

Manage inventory across multiple locations and warehouses while using replenishment processes to automate reorder policies by inventory levels and even the time of year. And with Warehouse included as a dimension, you can filter reports by warehouse for granular analysis. To learn more or take a tour:

Knowing the value of you inventory is essential to understanding your organization’s financial health. Sage Intacct helps you by calculating value based on your business requirements and capturing added costs such as shipping or value adds, so you can get to a true cost of goods. Our costing methods include standard, average, FIFO, and LIFO. Estimated landed costs provide for more accurate COGS before all bills come in. Use estimated landed costs to minimize large valuation adjustments to your cost of goods sold (COGS). You can estimate the costs prior to receiving them and easily reverse the estimate when the actual costs are received. And you can auto-generate adjustments in the current period even if the period is already closed.

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