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General ledger accounting software with Ai

Transform your business strategy and processes with continuous accounting, trust, and insights with the only general ledger with Ai. 
Sales CFO Dashboard Assets 15,956K Expenses 20,542 Revenue 224,407 Net Income 131,788 Balance Sheet Dealt by Entity Assets California Month Ending 06/06/2022 New York Month Ending 06/06/2022 Current Assets Cash In Bank 1,606,798.81 306,404.78 Suntrust 0.00 0.00 Visa/MC/Discover 11,500.00 0.00 American Express 6,000.00 0.00 Petty Cash 69,874.85 18,000.00 Savings 6,132.00 16,132.00 Net Income by Location California Florida Texas New York Top level 10-Texas 20-Florida 30-New York 40-California Top Level

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Profit and loss - by Location Africa Year Ending 12/31/2022 $(304,139.00) 17,045.00 120,000.00 1,434.00 18,595.00 (101,405.00) 202,734.00 Latin America Year Ending 12/31/2022 $(480,000.00) 0.00 180,000.00 0.00 0.00 (180,000.00) 300,000.00 Main Year Ending 12/31/2022 $(4,858.00) 0.00 0.00 2,435.00 0.00 0.00 4,858.00 Pacific RegionYear Ending 12/31/2022 $(788,997.00) 17,045.00 300,000.00 3,869.00 18,595.00 (281,405.00) 507,592.00 Net Revenues over Expenditures Revenues & Expenditures Total Expenses Total Expenditures Total Program Expenses Personnel Expenses Occupancy General & Administrative Expenses Counseling Services Early Education Financial Stability Fundraising Health & Wellness Management & General Program Expenses

Continuous, trusted accounting

Manage your general ledger accounting with modern AI-powered, cloud-based architecture. Our core financials are configurable by a business user—no developer needed. 

  • Simplify your chart of accounts using dimensions
  • Enter transactions once and report on them across multiple financial standards
  • Define your own workflows
  • Set guardrails for consistency and accuracy
  • Close continuously instead of saving it all for period end

Association of College Unions International used Sage Intacct to automate manual workflows to increase efficiency by 35%.  Read the case study

For data-driven growth

Don’t wait until close to get the information you need. Only Sage Intacct general ledger software with Ai delivers continuous accounting, trust, and insights. 

  • Capture, post, and report on transactions in real-time.
  • Get instant, multi-dimensional insights with dashboards and one-click drill-down to source transactions.
  • Share insights flexibly and securely with only those who need it.
  • Review thousands of GL transactions in minutes using outlier detection with AI to gain trust in your numbers. 
  • Eliminate the need to build reports outside of your financial solution.

Village Family Dental gained 930% faster departmental reporting and $350,000 savings through avoided headcounts. Read their story

Transactions 4M 2M 0M -2M Actual Budget Projection line Jan 22 Jul 22 Feb 22 Aug 22 Mar 22 Sep 22 Apr 22 Oct 22 May 22 Nov 22 Jun 22 Dec 22
Consolidate Non-US Loc Jan 2022 - Dec 2022 Book * Period Range * Global Consolidations Consolidate Reference Entities Jan 2022 Feb 2022 Mar 2022 Apr 2022 May 2022 Jun 2022 Jul 2022 Aug 2022 Aug 2022 Sep 2022 Oct 2022 Nov 2022 Dec 2022 -- Non-US Loc -- South Africa Elimanation - Sub [Elimanation] Australia United Kingdom

Automate multi-entity processes

Sage Intacct automates multi-entity processes so as your entities multiply, your workload doesn’t.

  • Create and modify entities and hierarchies without a new implementation.
  • Centralize and automate inter-entity transaction instructions to reduce errors and save reconciliation time.
  • Automate currency rate tables and conversions, eliminating errors and saving hours of manual calculations for high transaction volumes.
  • Continuously consolidate financials and maintain drill-down visibility.

MidCap Credit and Capital scaled their multi-entity business, saved 16 hours per month on global consolidations, and achieved software payback in less than 7 months. Read their story

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Sage Intacct General Ledger uses innovative and flexible architecture so you can easily handle your entire accounting and financial management process.

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Alejandro Perez

CEO, Komet Sales

Sage Intacct is literally transforming our business, shifting accounting from being backwards-looking into something we’re proactively using to drive decisions. Before, we only looked at our P&L statements and balance sheet once a month. Now, I check out a couple dashboards every single morning, and I have a really good pulse of my whole operation and where we’re heading.

General ledger accounting software FAQs

If you're like many organizations today, you want to make agile data-driven decisions. You also want to transform your business strategy and processes by freeing your team from repetitive manual tasks. Sage Intacct Intelligent GL™ provides the flexibility and efficiency needed to adapt and grow.

  • Streamline your chart of accounts while improving visibility using dimensions
  • Enter transactions once and report on them across multiple financial standards, such as GAAP, IFRS, tax, and cash basis, side by side, using multiple books
  • Define your own workflows and set guardrails for consistency and accuracy with user-defined transaction steps and approvals
  • Continuously close your books throughout the month to eliminate the period-end scramble, using integration, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI)

Our GL accounting software is the only Intelligent GL™ powered by AI. Only Sage Intacct uses the power of AI and automation to deliver continuous accounting, trust, and insights. With the Intelligent GL™, you can:

  • Capture, post, and report on transactions in real-time.
  • Share financial insights flexibly and securely with only those who need them.
  • Review thousands of GL transactions in minutes using AI-based outlier detection.
  • Reduce the reliance on manipulating data in Excel spreadsheets outside of your financial solution.
  • Free your team from manual effort and arm you with active insights so you can shift your focus from routine manual tasks to strategic work. 

Our general ledger system helps eliminate manual journal entries, streamlines chart of accounts, and captures data in real time, so your data is always up to date. You can use our open integration to connect other applications. For example, connect to over 10,000 banks worldwide to always maintain a current view of your cash.

  • Sage Intacct Intelligent GL™ streamlines close processes like consolidations so you can soft close as frequently as you like.
  • It automates adjustments so your data is always as accurate as possible.
  • Sage Intacct outlier detection uses machine learning to detect anomalies at entry, shifting your review from a periodic time-consuming activity to a continuous, proactive experience.
  • With your data accurate and trusted, it is ready to be used for decision-making. You can scan your business with dashboards or have information pushed to you with scheduled reports.
The Sage Intacct modern cloud-based architecture enables seamless integrations and easy configurations—no developer needed.

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