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Building Your Business Case for Planning Software in Just 6 Steps

Budgeting and planning without the proper software is a lot like riding a single speed bicycle. It works fine on occasion – in fact, on a sunny day it might even be fun – but as soon as you hit a few bumps (or your business starts to grow) it will be harder and harder to maintain forward progress. Having a clear understanding of your organization's current financials and how they affect your short- and long-term plan is a necessary part of any successful enterprise.

Planning is the process that drives us forward – and finance leads that effort.

Now is the time for a planning solution so you can prepare for what's coming next before it gets here. Modernize and transform your planning process before your next planning season. It only takes a couple of weeks to determine your needs, build a plan, select the right solution, and move beyond the manual drudgery, the risk of errors, the long days, and late nights.

Get started by building your business case and demonstrating the clear benefits to key stakeholders in your organization. First, you need to justify that combined package. Why should you take the time? How much will it cost? What benefits can you really expect? That's your business case. Building a solid business case equips you to sell the plan to executives, demonstrate realistic expectations, and calculate and achievable ROI.

Building your business case for planning software in just 6 steps ebook

Download this e-book for a look at the 6 steps to build your business case for planning software. We'll help you paint the vision, identify specific pain points, communicate the expected benefits, calculate the cost, quantify the tangible benefits, and uncover the power of doubling-down on those tangible benefits.

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