Command and control your inventory

Delight customers, vendors, and employees with fast, accurate fulfilment.

Command and control your inventory

Delight customers, vendors, and employees with fast, accurate fulfilment.

Command and control your inventory

Delight customers, vendors, and employees with fast, accurate fulfilment.

Don't let too much–or too little–inventory hurt your business

Loss of sales and spiralling costs make poor inventory management a major problem.

Not having enough stock results in stock-outs. Orders come in, you don’t have the items the customer wants, and then a scramble ensues to expedite higher-priced replenishment–or, possibly even worse, you lose the sale to a competitor who has the desired stock available. Stock-outs carry opportunity costs: the opportunity to sell at the best price, and the opportunity to sell at all. 

On the other hand, holding excess stock carries costs because the inventory you stock has to be warehoused, insured, secured against shrinkage, depreciated, and taxed as an asset. Excess items generally cost the business an additional 25% to 50% per year. Excess stock carries opportunity costs as well: the working capital tied up in unsold inventory is unavailable for other purposes.

Why you need better inventory management software

Taking charge of your inventory challenges could be the key to growing your profits.

Take control
Take control of inventory and manage operations more effectively across your entire business. 
Change how you compete and grow
Your need a faster, simple solution for your enterprise.
Save time and money
Save time and money with adaptable solutions that manage inventory and much more.

What can inventory management software do for you?

You'll delight your customers

Today's digital-savvy customers can instantly compare retailers’ prices online, wherever they are. These comparisons automatically increase pressure on prices, so retailers, distributors, and manufacturers often attempt to stand out based on the quality of service they provide. 

You can fulfil customer orders quickly and accurately if you have instant insight into stock levels, customer details, shipping information, and more.

Your business will get paid faster

Fulfilling orders faster means you can get paid faster, but keeping on top of invoicing and records of purchase orders can be a time-intensive process, often causing delays and impacting on your cash flow. Automate the process using powerful systems with accurate live data to make collecting payments a breeze.

You'll maximise profit margins

Making sure you have the right stock, in the right amount, at the right time is one of the biggest inventory management challenges you'll face. Running out, or ending up with excess stock, can prove hugely costly. With the right solution, you can analyse live sales and inventory data instantly to produce quality forecasts in no time at all. This way of working will help you hit your target fill rates, minimise stock-outs, and get the maximum value from your inventory.

You'll manage a more efficient growing business

Better insight into–and oversight of–your inventory can deliver benefits right across your business. With more accurate forecasting and the automation of many routine tasks, you'll free up time and working capital to invest where it's needed most. And with instant access to live data whenever and wherever you need it, you'll be able to make better decisions across your supply chain.

Change how your business competes and grows

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