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This free eBook gives you actionable advice on how to make the most of your time. From developing a growth mindset to stopping admin from soaking up the hours, you’ll learn to go beyond survival and keep driving profitability.

Time is everything

When you run a small business, it can feel like the world is against you. But remember, you’re an entrepreneur. You were born to be an underdog and win.

How? By taking control of your most precious commodity: time. Explore these resources to improve your mindset and become more productive.

Master productivity

Learn first-hand from global experts in Member Masterclass.

Get things done

Join world-renowned productivity expert David Allen and learn how to create space, reduce stress, and get more done.

Be a time conductor

Grace Marshall will give you a new perspective on productivity and teach you how to work to your best human capacity.

Perform at your best

Wellbeing coach Adrienne Herbert reveals how to put your health first, perform at your best, and achieve your ambitions.

Take on anything

Hear unfiltered stories from today’s business leaders on the Sound Advice podcast.

Balance life and business

Hear how Caroline Marshall built Upsource during a pandemic, pregnancy, and while raising her toddler. 

Build resilience

Go Proposal VP James Ashford reveals how to build a mindset to keep your business growing in tough times.

Beat burnout for good

Founder of KAI Collective, Fisayo Longe, reveals how she kept burnout at bay while building her viral online fashion business.

Win against the odds

Byron Dixon shares how he battled adversity and disadvantage to create multi-million-pound brand Micro-Fresh.

Feed your mind

Sage Advice

Get guidance, tips, and strategies from our thought leaders on the Sage Advice blog
Keeping your focus in changing times

Keeping your focus in changing times

Entrepreneur Carl Reader explains how to embrace change and use it to your advantage when it comes to your business or industry.

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5 habits to boost your productivity today

5 habits to boost your productivity today

Join productivity author Graham Allcott as he explains how you can make huge changes to your productivity output through these small but effective steps.

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Clear your mind and increase your productivity

Clear your mind and increase your productivity

Author and speaker, David Allen, explores how giving yourself a clear headspace will allow you to think with more clarity and focus on your current reality.

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Doing less to achieve more

Doing less to achieve more

More doesn't always mean better. Author and wellness coach Adrienne Herbert teaches how to create a sustainable productivity process.

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When to say “no” to stay productive 

When to say “no” to stay productive 

Productivity ninja Grace Marshall teaches how to feel more comfortable saying "no" and the best ways to put it into practice.

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Replace manual, error-prone, and time-consuming processes with automation, and promote self-care as part of your culture to reduce stress.
Calculate the hours currently spent on a particular task, then measure how much a new implementation reduces this while achieving the same volume of output. Also, define productivity from a quality perspective and find ways to improve outcomes in the same number of hours.
Digitalising financial management processes saves your business a lot of time. Use financial software to consolidate data, automate key tasks (such as invoicing and bank reconciliation), surface insights, and get paid by customers quickly.
Identify what soaks up your time and look for ways to make this more efficient. Managing finances manually takes a lot of your attention. Simplify this with cloud-based software and you’ll be able to focus on big picture decisions and building a growth strategy.

This depends on how many people are doing the work, the volume of monthly transactions, the regulations in your country, and the nature of your financial goals.

Even with a complex financial model and ambitious growth plans, you can reduce how much time is required by digitalising financial management, reporting, and compliance.