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SMBs remain resilient in the face of constant change

Steve Hare,  Chief Executive Officer at Sage, reflects on the journey our customers have been on, and the importance of continuing to invest in the solutions and support that will help them remain resilient and thrive through the next stage of the recovery from the pandemic. 

Knocking Down Barriers - the opportunity to make a difference

Steve Hare, Chief Executive Officer at Sage, discusses our new strategy – Knocking Down Barriers. The goal is to tackle societal and economic inequality so that everyone has the opportunity to thrive. The aim is to make reaching net zero carbon a reality for more businesses, starting with our own target of reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2040, with a 50% reduction by 2030.

Data – the key to unlocking financial inclusion

Dr. Mike Goodwin, VP Product Data Strategy and Sage Technical Fellow, describes how HR and payroll products have already moved beyond being systems of record that give business owners control and visibility over their business. 

One year on: reflections on resilience

As many mark the milestone of a year since their governments imposed the first national coronavirus lockdown, Steve Hare, Chief Executive Officer at Sage, takes a moment to reflect on the powerful stories of agility, creativity and resilience shared by some small and medium businesses.

SMEs will power the world's recovering economies...

Steve, Hare, Chief Executive Officer at Sage, explains how, after the major disruption of Covid pandemic. we have the the opportunity to do things differently and address inequalities. One way we can do that is via the support offered to SMEs, the backbone of most major global economies.

Financial capability a beacon of light for non-profits

Graeme Houghton, Sage Foundation Product Director, discusses how the demand for services provided by non-profits has only increased throughout the pandemic, resulting in a need for the capability to transform their financial operations.

Invest for recovery – giving SMEs the critical lifeline they need

Steve Hare, Chief Executive Officer at Sage, discusses how we stand to lose out on £145 billion in improved productivity and £325 billion additional SME revenue annually.

Reflections on Values in Action for World Values Day

Amanda Cusdin, Chief People Officer at Sage, writes on what she's loves about World Values Day, and what makes her optimistic for the future.

Creative and agile during turmoil...

Paul Struthers, EVP and Managing Director of Sage UK&I, talks how, after feeling the aftershocks from the past year and still facing ongoing uncertainty, it is more important now than ever to nurture this country’s small and medium businesses.