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HR risk mitigation and compliance

Nothing can derail a business faster than being shut down for non-compliance with government regulations. Our solution helps you maintain compliance, mitigate risk, and access employee records.

Reduce the burden

Risk and compliance is a huge burden on the HR department. But with the right software you can be sure that you are up to date with the latest regulation and always fully compliant.

Technology is any HR department’s best defense against a crippling employment lawsuit or government audit. A business must put its best foot forward when presenting data to an auditor, or else it risks jeopardizing its future. The stakes are especially high when you consider just how central HR has become to any company’s long-term growth strategy.

With the right technology you can:

  • Ensure that your company is in compliance with government agencies' reporting requirements
  • Make better decisions by seamlessly integrating compliance reporting and workforce analytics
  • Reduce your exposure to risks
  • Avoid costly fines and stay informed about employment laws, reporting rules, and developing workforce compliance issues that may impact your organization

Modular software that suits your risk and compliance needs

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Handle payroll your way

Give your financial team a powerful tool for complete, on-time payroll processing with Sage HRMS Payroll. And because it's so flexible, you can customize it to handle your payroll your way with Sage HRMS Payroll.

Improve your analytics

Use SAP® Crystal Reports to preview, print, and export over 100 standard reports—which are part of the core HRMS solution—to help you improve your company's analytics capabilities. You can also create custom reports.

Closely track business data

Sage HRMS Alerts & Workflow by Vineyardsoft provides exception management, identifying and responding to conditions that fall outside an organization's SOP.

Create paperless web-based forms

Streamline the collection and approval of employee data using the web. With Sage HRMS HR Actions by Delphia Consulting, you can easily create paperless forms using any fields from Sage HRMS.

Streamline deduction calculations

Free your payroll staff from calculating and prioritizing complex garnishments. With Sage HRMS Garnishment Manager by Delphia Consulting, it's easy to calculate deduction amounts.

File taxes and do year-end processing

Safeguard your company against tax filing errors and meet all state and federal reporting and payment requirements with Sage Payroll Tax Forms and eFiling by Aatrix.
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Complete Form I-9 online

Sage HRMS HR Actions 1-9 by Delphia Consulting lets you easily complete Form 1-9 through a paperless process that keeps you in compliance with government regulations.

Easily collect withholding certificates

Save time, reduce data entry errors, and avoid costly fines. Simplify the collection of employee withholding certificates during onboarding or when a W-4 form needs to be submitted, with Sage HRMS HR Actions W-4 by Delphia Consulting.

Complete forms in a flash

With HR Actions Dynamic Forms Checklist by Delphia Consulting, streamline the onboarding and performance review process, as well as the routine completion of any set of required forms for employees.

Streamline onboarding

Streamline onboarding by automating the flow of new hire information. Sage HRMS HR Actions New Hire Interface by Delphia Consulting simplifies the completion of new hire forms without rekeying.

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