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Nonprofit digital board book

Discover real-time insights into mission impact. Let Sage Intacct transform your nonprofit’s financial visibility.

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Improve financial health and sustainability

Sage Intacct empowers nonprofits with a comprehensive view of their organization to improve financial management and mission success. Pre-built dashboards enable nonprofits to:

  • Seamlessly calculate report data and dashboards using Sage Intacct financial data. Get real-time graphical views of key data and organization health.
  • Make better decisions and stay on top of trends and priorities with “questions to consider."
  • Provide instant actionable insight to key stakeholders.

The Sage Intacct Nonprofit Digital Board Book provides best practice metrics to deliver real-time insights into your organization’s performance and mission impact.

Gain real-time visibility into key revenue composition and source

  • Real-time visibility provides nonprofits with valuable insights to guide planning and strategy.
  • Instantly view reserves to sustain any short-term gaps and expand funding diversity.
  • Strengthen funding stability by gaining insight through real-time visibility.

Monitor organization health with key metric visualizations

Utilize visualizations of key data to easily stay aligned with nonprofit industry recommendations.

  • Access visuals of key balance sheet metrics.
  • Easily track trend lines and changes for a more complete picture of financial health.
  • Inform planning and strategy for proactive management of financial health.

Guide discussions with "Questions to Consider" recommendations

The Sage Intacct "Questions to Consider" capability provides nonprofits with peace of mind and helps ensure good decision-making.

  • The "Questions to Consider" capability in Sage Intacct covers both balance sheet and income statement topics.
  • Key stakeholders can stay on top of trends and priorities.
  • No stone goes unturned, ensuring comprehensive consideration of important factors.

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G2 Grid Report for Nonprofit Accounting Software | Fall 2022


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Ben Luety

CFO, Seattle Indian Health Board

Sage Intacct has really driven our ability to scale with 80% growth. There’s no way we could have done that without Sage Intacct. It would have been insurmountable to track, manage, and report on all that data and in essence, 100+ grant revenue centers.

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