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Sage Intacct Forms and Operational Flows—smart form builder software

Collect and process data from anyone, anywhere through easy-to-build, no-code online form builder software. Streamline workflows, eliminate bottlenecks, and empower your entire organization to move as one.

Gather data and automate flows with Sage Intacct Forms and Operational Flows

Tired of clunky web forms, PDF headaches, and manual data entry? Combine self-service portals and a user-friendly form builder to streamline workflows and collect data from anyone, anywhere.
Seamless two-way integration with Sage Intacct
Build forms and approval workflows by clicking, not coding
Easy no-code, self-service web portal for customers or vendors to access

Improve collaboration across your organization

Leverage custom web portals and form designer software to easily gather input from your customers, vendors, you name it. No more wrestling with PDFs, email chasing, and paper trails.

  • Create custom forms and gather data across your entire ecosystem with chat-style dialogues.
  • Streamline collaboration flows to foster seamless teamwork and productivity.
  • Give stakeholders easy, self-service access to data through a branded portal.

Save time with automated operational workflows

Automate core processes and watch your team's productivity soar. Streamline approvals and data entry for tasks like grant applications, sales orders, and HR onboarding.

  • Drive momentum in your process flow with internal teams, vendors, and customers.
  • Optimize operations without pricey IT or consultants—identify improvements and take action.
  • Centralize approvals in one inbox and say goodbye to complex email chains and paper-based approvals.

Capture insights with all your data in one place

Disconnected systems and data can make it hard to get the full picture of your operations. With Sage Intacct Forms and Operational Flow, all form submissions and approval statuses flow into Sage Intacct. No more data silos.

  • Improve transparency with user-level insights into workflows and approval organization-wide.
  • Simplify your tech stack by cutting wasteful add-on costs and bloat.
  • Collect data and integrate form submissions directly into your core Sage Intacct applications.

What businesses experience with Sage Intacct Forms and Operational Flows


Streamline approvals and data entry for tasks like grant applications, sales orders, and HR onboarding.


Facilitate collaborative, clear communication across the organization and with external stakeholders.

2-way integration

Bidirectional integration with Sage Intacct help gain efficiencies for operational workflows.


Gain centralized access to operational data, providing clear insights into workflows and approvals.

Data collection

Collect and share data across the organization, minimizing manual tasks and ensuring accuracy.


Simplify chaotic workflows without needing IT help or costly outside services.


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Sage Intacct Forms and Operational Flows

Sage Intacct Forms and Operational Flows FAQs

Yes, Sage Intacct Forms and Operational Flows is easy to set up and use. Self-service portals and a simple form builder make it simple to collect and share data accurately and efficiently. You can also customize processes like approvals, data integration, and more, to improve productivity and performance. Plus, you don't need any IT help or external services to use this tool.
Sage Intacct Forms and Operational Flow online form builder software lets you collect data from your business partners through forms, approvals, and seamless integration with Sage Intacct. You can use Sage Intacct Forms and Operational Flow to expand your workflow options and access data from web links and portals. With Sage Intacct Forms and Operational Flow, you can streamline your pdf libraries and operational processes, ensure full data collection, and manage approvals and collaboration centrally.
You don't need any other apps to use Sage Intacct Forms and Operational Flows web form designer software, or a code builder portal, because is an easy-to-use, no-code online form builder software. You can, however, drive entries into other Sage Intacct application areas from data collected to streamline workflows across your enterprise.

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