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Fundraising software for nonprofits

Sage Intacct Fundraising powered by DonorPerfect

Optimize fundraising operations, cultivate lasting donor support, and automate tasks so you can focus your resources on driving your mission.

Quick Search Organization Dashboard Annual Fundraising Goal Growth in Giving 82.68% Donor Retention 56.6% Total Donors 31 Average Gift $2,149 Growth in Giving Previous Year Current Year 300% 220% 140% 60% 0% Donor Retention Past Year Retained from the Prior Year 0 25 75 50 100 Home Add new Receipts Mailings Reports Tasks Utilities Apps

Raise more for your mission with online fundraising software for nonprofits

Delight in a more efficient gift collection process
Use insights to drive winning fundraising campaigns
Strengthen and nurture your donor community
Seamlessly flow data into Sage Intacct financials
Contributions $241,030 this year to date +$199,094 vs budget Gifts 55 this year to date +$66 vs prior year Average Gifts $4,382 this year to date +$4,382.37 vs prior year Fundraising Reliance Ratio 21 this year to date +$9.6% vs prior year Fundraising Expense $55,250 this year to date -$9,586 vs prior year Fundraising ROI 4.36 this year to date +54.06% vs prior year Cost per Dollar Raised $0.23 this year to date -34.29% vs prior year 0 $0.00 $241,030.23 $0.00 $875,000.00 $1,500.00 $0.00 Beginning 
Revenue Contributions Other 
Contributions Grant 
Revenues Program Service 
Revenue All Other 
Revenue Total $1,117,530.23 $240,000 $460,000 $720,000 $960,000 $1,200,000 Revenue Analysis Waterfall Outreach Campaign Disaster Relief Healthy Tomorrows Funds Total Funds Contributions Year To Date 05/06/24 166,030 75,000
241,030 Gift Count Year To Date 05/06/24 55 0
55 Average Gift Year To Date 05/06/24 4,382.37 3,019 0 Fundraising Expense Year To Date 05/06/24 0
 55,250 55,250 Contributions Year To Date 05/06/24 Top Funds by Contributions Contributions Revenue Contribution Trend $1,300 $1,040 $780 $520 $260 $0 Quarter Ending 
03/31/23 Quarter Ending 
06/30/23 Quarter Ending 
09/30/23 Quarter Ending 
12/31/23 Quarter Ending 
03/31/24 Quarter Ending 
06/30/24 Temporary Restricted Unrestricted Contributions Total Contributions Month Ending 05/31/24
Actual 75,000 165,280
240,280 Month Ending 04/30/24
Actual 0 0
0 Year to Date 05/06/24
Actual 75000 168,030
241,030 , Prior Year to Date 05/06/23
Actual 0 135,250
135,250 Giving by Restriction DonorPerfect Sage Intacct Fundraising Receipts register Deposit register Bank reconciliation Reconciliation Links Fundraising financial insights

Fundraising made easier

Automate, modernize, and accelerate your fundraising initiatives with workflows that handle data entry, send personalized communications, and keep your staff informed on donor activities or other initiatives.

  • Collect donations effortlessly with customizable forms and automation that initiate donor communications.
  • Automate fundraising workflows, including in-house payment processing or automatic assignments and alerts for staff based on donor activities.
  • Enhance donor engagement by customizing donor communication and updates at the intervals you choose.
  • Modernize online fundraising and infuse your brand to expand your support network and grow your funds.
  • Flow your fundraising data into your financials in Sage Intacct and get a complete financial picture.

Stronger supporter relationships

Nurture your current donors and expand your reach with experiences that invite donors to be a part of your journey. Send personalized thank-yous, impact updates, and volunteer opportunities with no-code email management.

  • Reduce donor turnover with personalized messages, targeted outreach campaigns, and engagement tracking to understand what resonates with donors.
  • Uncover who supports you and why by analyzing supporter data to tailor your message and build stronger relationships.
  • Effortlessly manage your fundraising events from planning and coordination to registration, promotion, and marketing.
ACTIVE Nancy Mclaughlin CELL (215) 628-0400 WORK nmclaughlin@softer... Nancy is a working mother that likes to
focus on sustainable living. In her fre... View more $50,418 Lifetime 45 Number of Gifts DONOR FOR 11 year Major Donor Monthly Donor Volunteer
Report Center All Reports Financial Reports Listings Easy Reports Other Reports My Favorites Scheduled Add New Easy Report Show 10 Search for Report Report Name ID Last Run Top Donor Listing 66 10/06 Actions Gift Comparison by Time Period 41 03/01 Actions Gifts by Date 14 03/01 Actions Solicitation Analysis 56 03/01 Actions General Ledger Analysis 23 11/09 Actions Cross Tabulation Report 6 11/03 Actions Gift Listing with Soft Credits 16 Actions Month and Year to Date Summary (Calendar) 37 Actions Constituent Summary 79 10/19 Actions Export to File 37 10/19 Actions

Smarter fundraising decisions

Bring your financials and fundraising together with configurable dashboards and pre-built reports to give you the information you need to quickly and easily make smart decisions for your mission.

  • Make data-driven decisions based on 70+ fundraising reports and hundreds of accounting reports.
  • Give your staff stakeholders easy access to relevant data with security filters and role-based customizable dashboards.
  • Identify donor groups with specific interests and tailor your outreach accordingly with advanced segmentation tools.
  • Dive deeper with reports that break down your donations by giving level, campaign type, or any criteria you set.

Sage Intacct fundraising software FAQs

Our software streamlines your fundraising efforts by automating tasks, providing easy-to-use tools, and offering clear insights to help you focus on what matters—your mission. You can easily customize reports to track your campaign's success, analyze donor data, and make informed decisions to improve your fundraising initiatives and strategies.

Our analytics tools give you a clear picture of donor behaviors and campaign performance, allowing you to craft effective strategies that resonate with your audience. Make decisions based on data with robust reporting capabilities including 70+ fundraising reports and hundreds of accounting reports. You can even strengthen donor relationships and build a strong community of supporters with features like personalized communication, detailed donor insights, and targeted outreach campaigns.

You have everything you need to start raising more for your mission.

Sage Intacct Fundraising powered by DonorPerfect is not available as a standalone product, and you'll need to subscribe to Sage Intacct or already be a Sage Intacct customer. This ensures seamless data flow between your fundraising and accounting data.
When choosing the best fundraising software for your organization, it's crucial to find a solution that aligns with your organizational goals and simplifies your fundraising processes. The ideal software should be user-friendly, allowing your team to operate it with ease, and data can flow seamlessly between your fund accounting software and your fundraising software. Reporting and analytics are other key features to consider since they provide insights into your fundraising efforts, enabling you to make informed decisions.
Cloud fundraising software solves a variety of problems commonly faced by nonprofits. By automating tasks such as donation processing and donor communication, cloud fundraising software eliminates manual processes, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. It also provides real-time updates, which are essential for timely decision-making and strategy adjustments. Cloud fundraising software also offers seamless data flow and accessibility, allowing your team to access donor information and fundraising data from anywhere with an internet connection. Security is another advantage of cloud platforms, as they typically offer robust measures to protect sensitive donor data. Furthermore, cloud software is easily scalable, accommodating an increasing number of users and transactions as your organization expands.

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