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Vendor payment services powered by CSI

Bringing together best-in-class financials from Sage Intacct and Corporate Spending Innovations’s (CSI) trusted payments platform to deliver a seamless experience from bill to reconciliation.

Overview Account Payment date Document/check no Vendor ID Vendor name Total due vendor Memo Attachment Overview 1 - 1 02/19/2021 - 123,456.00 123,456.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 Total Credits/Advances applied Payment amount Discount applied Total due Total billed Rec. Pay Date Due date Bill # Payment provider CSI Payment method VCARD Vendor name Validate Payment status Complete Payment currency USD Payment txn amount 123,456.00 - 123,456.00 123,456.00 - 0.00 0.00 Posted Payment Payment information History Print to Done Email payment notice More actions

Automate vendor payments and save time and money

Automate payments, eliminating manual processes and errors.
Get full visibility into the status of your payments.
Go from bill to payment, without leaving Sage Intacct.
Open a new revenue stream with potential cash rebates.
Process payments with CSI’s trusted payments platform.
Pay Bills Add to outbox Pay now Outbox payments:0 Pay by entity More actions Filter by Apply filter Clear filter Due date range Vendor range Payment provider CSI Payment method Selected by Provider Bill currency USD Payment request method Use vendor preference Bank * BOA--Bank of America Exchange rate type * Intacct Daily Rate Set payment date to 02/03/2023 Send payment notifications from Automation Test Admin 2nd, 4th, 6th Level Approver Auto [email protected] Bank balance USD (12,455,652.19) Selected bills total USD 0.00 Adjusted bank balance USD (12,455,652.19) # of bills selected 0 Items selected: 0 Apply credits Clear credits Clear payment amount 1 2 Total Vendor V0006--BZ Accounting Solutions V0006--BZ Accounting Solutions Bill # check payment 3 ACH bill 1 31 1 Due date 02/02/2021 02/02/2021 Currency USD USD

A seamless experience from bill to reconciliation

CSI Vendor Payments streamlines your existing workflow, so you can go from bill to reconciliation without ever leaving Sage Intacct.

  • CSI's trusted payments platform becomes a seamless extension of your AP team.

  • Pay your vendors quickly, speed up reconciliations, and satisfy vendor payment preferences.

  • Save on transaction costs throughout the whole process.

Automate your payments

Don’t get bogged down with manually processing ACH batches or printing and mailing checks.

  • Automate your payments and eliminate manual processes and opportunities for error.

  • Simply submit payments in Sage Intacct, and Vendor Payments handles the rest.

  • Payments backed by CSI’s security program and status as a Mastercard and Visa processor and issuer.

Posted Payment Print to... Done Email payment notice More actions Payment provider CSI Payment method VCARD Vendor name Validate Payment status Complete Payment currency USD Vendor ID V0019 Account Validate Vendor name Validate Payment date 02/05/2023 Total due vendor 0.00 Document/check no 38 Payment provider - Attachment - 1 Bill # 1 Due date 02/02/2023 Rec. Pay Date - Total billed 123,456.00 123,456.00 Total due 0.00 - Discount applied 0.00 0.00
(1-9 of 9) Posted Payments Include private Clear all filters Vendor ID Vendor name Payment status Payment method Payment date Payment currency Payment txn amount Base currency Payment amount View Aug21 August Marketing Consulting Agency Complete VCARD CSI 07/25/2022 USD $12,355.00 USD $12,355.00 Print Copy View Main Main Accounting Firm Complete VCARD CSI 06/17/2022 USD $12,345.00 USD $12,345.00 Print Copy View CheckVendor Custom Check Printing Services Complete VCARD CSI 04/26/2022 USD $12,345.00 USD $12,345.00 Print Copy View ACHVENDOR Ark Services Complete VCARD CSI 04/26/2022 USD $11,977.00 USD $11,977.00 Print Copy View Main Main Accounting Firm Complete VCARD CSI 04/22/2022 USD $12,345.00 USD $12,345.00 Print Copy View Main Main Accounting Firm Complete VCARD CSI 07/25/2022 USD $12,345.00 USD $12,345.00 Print Copy View 202 Pac Bell Complete Cash 02/17/2022 USD $123,456.00 USD $123,456.00 Print Copy View pcopy pcopy Complete EFT 02/17/2022 USD $0.89 USD $0.89 Print Copy View VendorACHWFSusheel VendorACHWFSusheel Complete WF Domestic ACH 02/01/2022 USD $100.00 USD $100.00 Print Copy

Get full visibility into payment status

CSI Vendor Payments gives you full visibility into the status of all your payments with detailed updates at every stage.

  • Eliminate payment blind spots, so you always know where your payments stand.

  • Get notified immediately if a vendor rejects a payment, so you can reissue it and ensure you’re adhering to payment terms.

Open up a new revenue stream

One-time use virtual cards give you a fast, no cost way to pay your vendors.

  • The potential for cash rebates means you can earn revenue while you pay.

  • Vendors that accept virtual card payments will also receive enhanced reconciliation data, giving them additional visibility into the payments they receive. A true win-win.

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CSI Payments FAQs

The CSI platform is a fast, flexible and secure platform that issues and processes virtual card payments. It works seamlessly with Sage Intacct’s best-in-class cloud financials to deliver a seamless experience from bill to reconciliation. So, you can pay your vendors quickly, speed up reconciliations, and offer more ways to pay, all while saving on transaction costs.
Cloud software enables you to automate expense processing in all its steps, reducing human error and the possibility of incorrect tax returns. Plus, you can access your data from any device, at any time, and collaborate easily with your teams.
CSI, the engine behind Vendor Payments, maintains multiple compliance certifications, including PCI DSS Level 1 and SOC 2; employs the highest level of encryption for data-in-transit and data-at-rest; and is a Mastercard and Visa certified processor and issuer.

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