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Inventory management software for small businesses

Drive your small business forward

Set up products and stock with Accounting Plus. Get an accurate view of stock levels and save time handling inventory.

Get meaningful inventory reports

Using Sage Accounting Plus, set minimum re-order levels, see warnings if you're out of stock, and get reports on your best-selling products with our inventory management software.

Manage stock and pricing

Upload existing product or stock items in seconds. Set purchase, sales, trade or wholesales prices, and others tailored to your business.

Act on real-time stock data

Set stock re-order levels and re-order quantities, and see out-of-stock warnings, freeing up your working capital.

Organise products by categories

Organise products into categories and sub-categories so that you can see how much you need and when.

Add other products and services

Set up products and track their quantities, for example, computer parts. Add non-stock items where quantity doesn't matter, like materials for a custom job. Create services or actions that you buy and sell to clients, like fitting or repair parts.

Try our stock and inventory management software

Avoid time-consuming manual stock set-up. Upload your existing stock items quickly and easily and put Accounting Plus to work in minutes.

Not sure if Accounting Plus will help you with stock management? Start a free trial. No card is needed. Cancel anytime.

“When my mind is focused on creating scents I like to spend as little time as possible doing manual paperwork. With Sage Accounting, you can see what’s going on in your business in a cohesive way.”

Samantha Jameson


Stock or inventory management software helps businesses track stock, orders, sales and services. It's typically used in a variety of industries including manufacturing, retail, and some types of services businesses.

Firstly, map out all of your existing inventory management processes. When you introduce inventory management software, ensure you have buy-in from all employees. This means training them and also identifying some team members who can answer colleagues’ questions and promote the use of this new technology on a day-to-day basis. Consider moving from spreadsheets to cloud software. Finally, ask an expert for help via organisations, training bodies or even in-product support.

Having too much inventory risks tying a business's capital up in unused stock.

You’ll also have to pay to store it, protect it, and insure it. Excess inventory runs the risk of reaching its shelf life before it's used or sold. Inventory management software mitigates many of these issues and helps a business free up capital for other areas.

Inventory management software, like Sage Accounting Plus starts at £30 per month. You can also try it for free.

Stock items describe products or goods that you sell to customers. Inventory refers to the products you sell, as well as the raw materials and equipment required to make goods that are a work-in-progress.
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