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Cloud accounting software for community development organizations

Modern financial management and accounting software for community improvement and capacity building non-profit organizations.

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Say goodbye to manual reporting and hello to more time for strategic planning

Whether you’re an economic development organization, community services club, business development, or other community improvement organization, you need visibility into financial and operational metrics to make more informed decisions about programs, fundraising, staffing, and more.

Sage Intacct specializes in improving efficiencies and saving time and money for non-profits like yours. 

  • No manual data entry.

  • Automation boosts efficiencies with precision.

  • A simple click to get a snapshot of your business. 

Real-time visibility across all entities

Complex organizations always benefit from simple solutions. Sage Intacct simplifies large multi-entity orgs with multiple locations and empowers them to grow with tools that enable them to: 

  • Manage multiple entities and locations easily and effectively.
  • View consolidated drill-down views of performance.
  • Utilize dynamic dashboards for real-time financial info.
  • Perform grant tracking and automate program-outcome metrics.

Streamline operations with integrated systems

Keep your community development organization agile with an open, configurable, cloud solution.

  • Easily share data and connect to multiple critical business solutions.
  • Leverage intuitive, easy-to-use systems that your staff can easily learn and navigate efficiently.

Maximum efficiency for greater impact

No more delays, workarounds, limitations, and frustrations. With Sage Intacct, your entire accounting operation is fast and accurate.

  • Achieve unprecedented levels of transparency, accountability, and impact.
  • Automate fund, grant, revenue, and billing processes.
  • Take advantage of automated workflows, approvals, and push-button consolidations.
  • Support for multiple currencies, entities, and locations.

Tap into the flexibility of modern cloud technology

Sage Intacct specializes in helping nonprofits scale and grow with modern, cloud-native tech. 

  • Streamlined grant, fund, project, and donor accounting.

  • Real-time metrics.

  • True cloud solution with open APIs.

  • Integrates with financials, human resources, member management, and more.

  • Reduces cost and eliminates complexity of IT infrastructure.

  • 24/7 access from anywhere.

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Karen Adame

Chief Financial Officer, Jumpstart, Inc.

Although our revenue budget has grown 60% since we implemented Sage Intacct, our finance staff only grew 25%. We’ve seen an overall efficiency improvement of 30% through automated workflows and fewer incoming questions since everyone has timely, accurate financial information via their personalized Sage Intacct dashboards.


Community development organizations FAQs

Nonprofit accounting software helps  community improvement organizations manage their finances transparently so donors can understand how their contributions are used. Special accounting reporting is also necessary to comply with regulations for grant submissions. Accounting software includes special features to automate tasks and facilitate reporting.
Cloud-based accounting software for community development organizations provides real-time insights into performance and offers a wide range of functionality to automate key finance and accounting processes. A user-friendly interface that is easy to deploy and use means everyone can access the same data from anywhere, at any time. This provides transparency and speeds up processes and productivity.
Yes, accounting can be automated for community improvement organizations. Automate fund, grant, revenue, and billing processes. Take advantage of automated workflows and approvals; push-button consolidations; and support for multiple currencies, entities, and locations.
You can improve accounting processes for community improvement organizations by using a cloud-based accounting solution to manage all your accounting processes and get visibility into financial and operational metrics to make more informed decisions about programs, fundraising, staffing, and more.
The best accounting software for community improvement will include full accounting functionality with features to manage accounting needs, donors, and staff and comply with tax law.

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