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Business spend management software

Efficiently control spending and stay within budget. Streamline your purchasing and payables processes and ensure company spending complies with corporate budgets.

Account Payable Date * 07/27/2022 76305 Vendor document number Customer Pick Up Ship via Vendor * 211--Able and Sons Accountants Attachments 03/06/2021 Discount on Net15 98039 Message Bill number Entries 435.00 9,135.00 Item ID Total 9,135.00 Warehouse Quantity Unit Qty converted Price Extended price Main--Main 21 Each 435 QS1009--Q-See Leeds 1 Spend Insight Close 75.000.00 0.00 Department Location Class GL Account This purchase Funds available Budget Actual 1-United States of America 4-Professional Services 6600.01 Accounting Fees 1.000,000.00 -925,000.00 11-Accounting 1

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Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators
Bay County Medical Care Facility

Automation and productivity highlights

Track budgets, compile spend requests, and manage funds availability.
Automatically apply limits to all departments and locations for budget compliance.
Compare and adjust budget allocation methods to drive strategy.

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Mike Regulski

Finance Director, Bay County Medical Care Facility

Now that our supervisors actually see their financials on a daily basis in Sage Intacct and know how much money they have available to spend, they’re tightening their belts and taking cost control very seriously. As a result, we’ve cut the variance between our operating expenditures and operating revenues in half. Thanks to this declining variance, we’re able to expend our property tax levy income for much-needed capital improvements, as opposed to spending it on operations.

Bay County Medical Care Facility

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