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Sage Intacct Project Intelligence

Gain more project and resource insight

Optimize project performance with Project Intelligence and watch your business transform. Streamline project accounting, employee utilization and realization, and uncover project trends that can boost your profitability.

Get real-time visibility into employee metrics and project performance

Track employee utilization and performance.
Measure impact, effectiveness, and employee realization.
Monitor project health with advanced project analytics.
Evaluate the profitability of your project, clients, and employees.

Dynamic dashboards at your fingertips

Access dynamic dashboards and reports—built with industry-leading best practices in mind—to provide the insights you need. With Project Intelligence, both service leaders and employees can:

  • Gain real-time insights into their utilization, profitability and project health.
  • Access customizable Sage Intacct dashboards to effortlessly combine financial and operational data for insightful business decisions.
  • Evaluate employee performance and make informed staffing decisions based on hard data.
  • Gain real-time insights into the performance of new service offerings and automation initiatives.

Track your employee utilization and performance

With Project Intelligence, you can easily measure how your employees spend their time and how they contribute to your revenue.

  • Monitor the billable utilization and nonbillable utilization of employees.
  • Capture time and project data accurately based on real-world scenarios like holidays, PTO, and part-time work.
  • Evaluate the revenue, effective rate, and realization percentage of your employees.
  • Identify and reduce the write-offs and draft hours that affect your billing and invoicing.

Manage project efficiency and performance

Accurately monitor and track the progress and performance of your projects.

  • Get insights on budgeted and billable hours of your projects and tasks at a glance.
  • See how well you are using resources with insights on current efficiency and estimated efficiency.
  • See customer billing and receivables at a glance.

Optimize project profitability

  • Access your revenue and labor costs by projects, tasks, and clients, right at your fingertips.
  • Dive into real-time insights into gross profit and gross margin for your projects and clients.
  • Compare the profitability of different projects, clients, and service teams.
  • Identify the factors that influence your profitability, such as effective rate, write-offs, realization percentage, etc.

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Sage Intacct Project Intelligence

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