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Sage Intacct time and expense management software

Streamline time management processes and downstream project accounting.

Project Financials 125,000.00 0.00 125,000.00 633,218.08 417,888.28 1,595,791.87 758,218.08 417,888.28 1,720,791.87 Revenue - Services $1,395,980 +$24,240 vs prior quarter Billable Hours 6,170 +122 vs prior quarter Non-Billable Hours 2,742 +570 vs prior quarter Revenue - Expenses $88,564 +$64,616 vs prior quarter Revenue - Subcontractors $218,200 +$28,240 vs prior quarter Utilized Hours 7,448 +40 vs prior quarter Total Hours 8,912 +40 vs prior quarter Total Revenue $1,731,344 +$28,240 vs prior quarter Utilization Rate (Hrs) 83% +6 vs prior quarter Chargeability ($) 73% +7 vs prior quarter Revenue by Service Line YTD Amount Planning Client Service Media Buy Utilization Trend 12/30/2021 Role-Based Clear 9:41 Select Task 3.00 Computer activity Assign Select Project Select Client Proj Cloud Project XYZ Software Client 2.00 9.00am - 11:00am ACME Client Meeting 1.50 Microsoft Powerpoint XYZ Software - Competitive Analysis 1.50 Microsoft Powerpoint XYZ Software - Market Map July 10, 2022 Activities 3 activities

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Expense management automation and productivity highlights

Accelerate time and expense management processes for employees and financial staff.
Make better decisions with real-time visibility of all of your time and expense data.
Streamline your project accounting to save time, increase accuracy, and reduce revenue leakage.

Thrive with simpler and smarter time and expense management

Are you accurately capturing all of the time and expenses? Sage Intacct Time and Expense management software makes it easy and as error-free as possible. That means you keep your employees focused on project or client goals, not expenses, accounting, and reporting.

If you bill clients or get reimbursed for project-related work, Sage Intacct Time and Expense management software effortlessly moves time and expense data to invoices and revenue recognition workflows. So you’re able to more accurately bill and recognize revenue.

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Take the pain out of time and expense management

Sage Intacct Time and Expense Management simplifies and accelerates the entire time and expense tracking process.

  • Your employees enter their time and expense data anytime, from anywhere. 
  • Managers are instantly alerted to review and approve submitted timesheets and expense reports.
  • Upon approval of expense reports, expenses automatically flow into Accounts Payable, and employees receive prompt reimbursement in the right currency.
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Cancel More actions Submit Draft Expense Report 05/05/2023 * Date field 05/05/2023 GL posting date 05/05/2023 Attachments Travel to Malne locations Reason for expense Memo Expense report info EMP-018--bahawgo Employee -- -- New -- -- Expense report number Expense type * Amount * Payment type Non- Reimb Form 1099 Paid to Paid for Date Location Lodging 1,234.00 Host Hotels Hotel 05/03/2023 20-Malne 1 3 Lodging Airfare 20-Malne Delta Flight 05/07/2023 429.20 2 Total 1,663.20 Expense entries Show defaults Show Details (Ctrl+ ▼)
K Grace, 3S Networks 06/23/2021 06/30/2021 Sum for K Grace, 3S Networks Sum for K Grace 3SNetworks 3SNetworks Biocircle Biocircle Optimization Installation Default Non- Inventory Item Professional Services 8.00 8.00 16.00 16.00 true true true true 06/24/2021 07/01/2021 Resource, Jay, 3S 02/10/2021 06/30/2021 07/28/2021 Sum for Resouce, Jay, 3S Networks Sum for Resouce, Jay Sum Total 40.00 3SNetworks 3SNetworks 3SNetworks Biocircle Biocircle Biocircle Installation Installation Coaching Professional Services Professional Services Coaching 8.00 8.00 8.00 24.00 24.00 true true true true true true 02/11/2021 06/30/2021 07/29/2021 Begin Date Entry Date Project ID Customer Name Task Name Item Name Duration Billable Billed Subtotal name Employee Time by Project

Real-time project time and employee expense insights

With Sage Intacct software, your time and expense accounting data are timely, accessible, and accurate for decision-making.

  • Couple with Sage Intacct Projects to easily track time spent on internal projects, client or donor projects, and overhead.
  • Take a quick look at your dashboards to track the progress towards milestones and resourcing.
  • If you deliver projects for clients, you can monitor the profitability of each client and project. Or set and meet utilization goals—for the whole team or for individual employees.

Automated billing and revenue recognition

With Sage Intacct Time and Expense management software, your time and expense data automatically flows to your invoicing and revenue recognition processes.

  • Quickly generate accurate invoices for projects, clients, or donors based on actual time and expenses with options to include overhead and markups.
  • Post direct and indirect labor costs and recognize revenue in a timely fashion.
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Time Entries 100 1 Employee Expenses 50 2 Accounts Payable Bills 50 3 Purchasing Transactions 50 4 Order Entry Transactions 50 5 Max rows Expense type Select Time Entries --Select-- 1 Journal symbol --Select-- 2 Document No --Select-- 3 Line No --Select-- 4 Project ID --Select-- 5 Sort by Title Select General Invoices Choose billable transactions Choose transaction fields Invoicing options Filters Display options

Resources for expense management

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Brian Lawrence

Senior Director - Finance and Taxation, Clinical Trial & Consulting (CTI)

When our team went in search of a new accounting solution, we were looking for cloud-based options that would be more scalable, flexible, and intuitive for our teams around the world. Sage Intacct was a no-brainer for us because, unlike NetSuite and the other vendors we looked at, it met all of our requirements for integrated time and expense management and multi-entity consolidations, and was robust and adaptable enough to grow with our business over time.

CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting

Expense management FAQs

Sage Intacct works great for both salaried and hourly employees. If your employees charge time to projects, Sage Intacct incorporates project time tracking so that you can understand the effort and resources for internal projects, client projects, or overhead.

If you’re a professional services organization who generates revenue from client projects, you may want to consider Sage Intelligent Time, our AI-powered time solution. Your professionals use a time assistant, who reconstructs their work week for them and suggests client projects for their work. Using the time assistant, every minute of time can be collected for financially-minded project management, including more accurate billing, project estimates, expense management, and resource management.

For timesheets, you can establish up to 5 levels of approvals. Approvals are done by a manager (department, project, or an employee manager), by an external user (customer), or a specific user in the company through expense reporting software.

You can create an approval path when tracking expenses for expense reimbursements as well. You can set value approval thresholds and specify a minimum number of approvers. You can also set preferences for notifications, including notifications for all submissions, no notifications, or only for amounts above a certain threshold.

Yes, you can automatically link source document attachments to project invoices and easily access them with a click. You can also choose to include source documentation in email invoices to reduce questions or discrepancies and to speed up the payments process using expense management software.

Yes, you can set up your projects so that only employees that are assigned to a project can submit time. You can also create rules to enforce policies for how much or when employees can work.

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