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Giving non-profits total control

Make sure funds are being maximized and used effectively, and actively recruit, manage, and engage a worldwide workforce, no matter the country, continent, or time zone, with Sage Business Cloud.

Do you know the secret of successful non-profits?

Non-profits are like businesses, except you're selling ideas and not products.

Successful non-profits need more than donations—they need technological solutions to move their mission forward. With tight budgets and a need to diversify funding streams, charities big and small want to make their money work harder to support their top priorities.

Work smarter with a flexible, user-friendly solution

The right cloud product could shave weeks off your reporting cycle and free up much-needed budget and time! Find your product today.

Sage Business Cloud People

Global HR and people system that enables non-profits to engage their workforce, thus increasing the visibility and productivity of their employees around the world.


  • Instant workforce visibility, providing an instantaneous and complete view of your global workforce with smart analytics and actionable insight.
  • Increased productivity by streamlining core HR and people processes through automating key tasks within a single system across your entire organization.
  • Great workforce experiences by empowering HR and people teams to do their best work, with intuitive user experience, on any device.
  • Global and local compliance. You can create a single global policy for your organization, while remaining compliant with local regulations as well.
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Sage Business Cloud Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is changing how non-profits grow. Great for:

  • CFOs and controllers
  • 50 to 3000 employees
  • Industries: professional services, financial services, technology, non-profit
  • Public cloud platform
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Sage Business Cloud Sage X3

Sage X3 is changing how non-profits grow on a global scale with faster, simpler, and flexible business management at a fraction of the cost and complexity of typical ERP systems. Great for:

  • CIOs and CFOs
  • Large non-profits
  • 200+ employees
  • Industries: manufacturing, distribution, process manufacturing services
  • Public or private cloud platforms
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A fast, safe, and efficient payment process

Through Sage Foundation, eligible non-profit organizations benefit from rapid time-to-value with two free licenses and discounts on subsequent user licenses purchased.

Running your non-profit organization like a business

Download our guide for non-profit organizations and obtain advice on dealing with donors and managing funds, hence ensuring effective governance and much more.
Running a Non-profit Organization as a Business

Do you want business advice about non-profits ?

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