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Cloud accounting software for foundations and philanthropic charities

Expand the impact of your philanthropic giving with a complete financial management and accounting solution designed to drive greater performance, increased transparency, and maximum impact.

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Get complete visibility across your organization

From monitoring funds granted to partners or program-related investments (PRIs) to exploring the performance and expenses tied to each program, location, or department, get real-time visibility on each aspect of your organization's finances.

  • Manage continuous consolidation of multiple locations and entities seamlessly.
  • Handle multi-currency with ease and get a complete view of consolidated details.
  • Make better and faster results-oriented funding decisions.

Conrad N. Hilton Foundation manages more than $5 billion in assets and distributes over $100 million annually in grants. Read the customer success story

Gain efficiency and cut costs

Automate and streamline your core financial operations faster and more efficiently–thanks to the ability of Sage Intacct to automate accounts payable, allocation workflows, and approvals across your philanthropic organization or grantmaking foundation.

  • Easily manage grants, programs, and funds.
  • Track qualified and non-qualified expenses.
  • Monitor organization performance and impact measures.
The Ford Family Foundation increased finance team efficiency by 40% and saved 40 hours of data entry per week using Sage Intacct. Read the customer success story.

Eliminate the headaches of manual reporting

Sage Intacct removes the pain and inefficiency from your financial, operational, and compliance reporting with easy-to-use automated reporting tools.

  • Stop time-consuming data re-entry and consolidation of dozens or hundreds of disparate spreadsheets.
  • Use dozens of prebuilt reports to automatically generate GAAP financial statements, Form 990 submissions, and FASB-compliant reports.
  • Point and click your way to drill down to virtually any other view of your data.

Learn how the Koret Foundation increased efficiency by 75% with automation. Read the customer success story.

Grantmaking foundations and philanthropic charities keep it in the cloud

Sage Intacct cloud architecture gives you powerful and intuitive philanthropic accounting software you can trust.

  • Deploy immediately without the upfront expenses and IT headaches..
  • Take advantage of complete security, guaranteed performance, and quarterly updates with efficient, pay-as-you-go pricing.
  • Open API architecture makes it easy to integrate with current or future systems including CRMs like Salesforce, payroll services like ADP, grants management solutions like Fluxx, investment management services like State Street, and many more specialized applications.
Find out why philanthropic organizations are moving to the cloud. Read the e-book.

Resources for foundations and philanthropic charities

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Benefits of cloud-based nonprofit accounting software

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Benefits of Cloud Accounting Software for Foundations and Philanthropic Charities

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Accounting software for foundations and philanthropic charities FAQs

Yes, you can automate accounting and streamline your core financial operations faster and more efficiently using Sage Intacct. Sage Intacct  makes it easy to automate accounts payable, streamline allocation workflows, and manage approvals across your philanthropic organization or grantmaking foundation.

Our accounting software lets you easily manage your grants and funds, track qualified and non-qualified expenses, and monitor performance and impact measures.

Foundations and philanthropic charities can use accounting software to track their grants, funds, and finances. Use Sage Intacct to make it easy to streamline inter-entity transactions and allocations and automate workflows, approvals, consolidations, and support for multiple currencies and locations.
Cloud-based accounting software improves transparency throughout your entire organization. All data is centralized and can be accessed anywhere, at any time. This allowed your entire staff to work together using the same data, thus increasing efficiency and collaboration.
You can improve the accounting processes for your organization by using a cloud-based accounting solution to manage all your accounting processes, and connecting it with other software to track metrics central to your organization's operations to help you achieve your mission.

The best accounting software for foundations and philanthropic charities offers full accounting functionality at affordable prices. It will include features to manage accounting needs, donors, and staff and comply with tax law.

Sage Intacct is recognized as the best accounting software for nonprofit financials.

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