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US benefits administration

Get a complete view of benefits across the organization, streamline processes that save HR time, and give your people a personalized and guided benefits experience they deserve, through intuitive end-to-end benefits management software.

Seamless enrollment

  • Deliver an enrollment experience that maximizes employee engagement and saves time for HR, through streamlined workflows and real-time integrations.
  • Configure benefits for complex organizational structures and employee groups, including business rules for waiting periods, coverages, age restrictions, and evidence of insurability.
  • Calculate employee and employer contributions to premiums, and automatically transmit deductions to your payroll system for accurate processing. 
  • Manage the process of gathering documentation from end-to-end with sophisticated tools to review, approve and upload eligibility verification documents.

Personalized selection and communication

  • Guide employees through the benefits shopping process, so they can easily select benefits in the same consumer-friendly way they shop online.
  • Personalize the selection experience by adding videos, documents, tools, and messages based on demographics, location, family status, and other factors. 
  • Empower your employees to make decisions about their benefits by providing personalized recommendations based on data-driven insights and side-by-side plan comparisons.
  • Create unlimited, multi-channel campaigns to communicate with your employees effectively.

Clear reporting

  • Gain insights into benefits performance with analytics tools, such as costs and KPI metrics, so you can then create, schedule, and customize employee benefits reports all in one place.
  • Produce consolidated self-bills and reconcile carrier-provided bills based on carrier rules for billing and mid-month changes.
  • Generate a suite of default or custom reports for the insights you need when you need them.

Security and compliance in mind

  • Get peace of mind with tools that automate dependent verification and company-specific benefits rules, to stay up to date with federal and state healthcare compliance.
  • Keep sensitive employee information protected and secure—including social security numbers and other personal, identifiable health information—with built-in HIPAA safeguards and protocol. 
  • Automate the eligibility verification process with AI-based tech that instantly reviews and approves employee documents according to your eligibility rules and preferred enrollment workflows.
  • Stay up to date with federal and state healthcare compliance, so you can have confidence your cover meets requirements.
  • Infrastructure designed to minimize the effects of natural disasters and continuity plans to help make sure your data is safe, so you can continue to operate.

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