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AI-powered accounting software for accountants and bookkeepers

Achieve your goals with Sage for Accountants - the ultimate AI-powered accounting solution for busy bookkeepers and accountants. Get customisable, game-changing tools and boost your productivity by adding our AI-powered assistant.

UK practices trust Sage 18,000+

Key tools to give your practice a boost

It's easy to get started with software that saves your practice time. Make client management simple. 

Client engagement

Get automated, professional proposals, and auto-populated smart engagement letters with GoProposal. Get confidence with AML processes and save time with KYC assessments.

Client management

Manage all your clients securely and in one place.

Data automation and processing

Save time and boost productivity by digitising every client with AutoEntry.

Bookkeeping and payroll

Save time on your own practice's accounting and payroll with complimentary licences. 

Final Accounts and tax

Unlimited access for Final Accounts, Personal, and Corporation Tax to deliver client services. 

Bookkeeping and digital record

Digitise clients and automate your work with a wide range of features that streamline accounting tasks, maintain compliance, and improve financial management. Assign new licences at a discounted rate. 


Save time and complete payroll in 4 simple steps. Eliminate manual efforts for RTI submissions, pension auto-enrolment, and online payslips. Efficiently manage client pay runs by automating calculations based on hourly pay or salaries. 

Cash flow forecasting

Futrli by Sage enhances financial advisory services, offering accurate cash flow forecasting, comprehensive budgeting, and robust reporting. It enables advisors to provide valuable insights to clients, regardless of software choices. Foster trust and profitability. 

“10 pages of accounts on word or excel would take almost a day or 2 and the software now reduces it to 1/2 a day to process information and print out documents depending on the size of the client.”

Faith Ruwangu
Owner of Feline Corporation Ltd

AutoEntry saves the company 130 hours per month in manual data entry.

“With AutoEntry, our clients just snap pictures, upload them and everything we need is there in real-time.”

Phil Richards
Managing Partner of Malcom Horton & Co

“Nothing beats helping clients along their journey of building economic independence. GoProposal allows me to be mechanical about my prices and understand that the value I offer should be paid for.”

Beverley Sydney
Director of Sydney Hudson

“This is easily 60% quicker than me tapping away at the keys, manually inputting all of the bank entries. Now it’s just a few clicks and done. It was so time consuming; I used to have to get my husband to help me sort out all the receipts as they were not in order. Now, the client simply emails me PDF documents of her invoices, I upload them into AutoEntry, and they go straight into Sage Accounting. It saves me a day and a quarter at least–just on this one client.”

Sue Wright
Business Owner of SJW Accountancy

“Everything we do, from account production to tax returns to invoicing and collection is done on Sage products. Cloud accounting has been fantastic for us. It has enabled us to see client records in real time, which has led to increased efficiencies."

Jill Hindmarsh
Director, Allen Sykes

"The bank feed feature and the fact that you can set up bank rolls too. All the transactions yet to be posted are sitting there, so I know at the end of the year, that the bank actually balances to the penny.”

Bruce Marshall
Owner, Ardross Accountancy

"Sage Accounting has a fantastic feature called recurring invoices that are automatically generated and sent to clients. They can answer your questions, they are not just a call centre that are working from a script.”

Steve Bicknell
Owner, Bicknell Business Advisers Ltd

“Sage supports me to provide accurate figures for my clients and keeps me on top of things, and has saved us in the region of £10,000 per year in admin time.”

Karen Cain
Director, CEM Bookkeeping

“Sage keeps everything organised and in good order for me. I especially enjoy the Bank Reconciliations feature as it gives me the peace of mind that there are no omissions to my data; this is always my starting point – before you can work with the information you need to trust it. The reconciliation also allows me to see if there has been any “human” error allowing me to easily rectify it.”

Shivali Modha
Director and Accountant, Modhas Accounting Services

Get started with Sage for Accountants

Unlock the potential of your practice with customisable plans, designed to help you meet clients' needs efficiently. Choose the plan that suits your requirements and customise.

  • Sign up your practice
  • Add tools for clients
  • Manage allowances

Included in all plans

  • Accounting Plus subscription for your practice
  • Payroll subscription for your practice (up to 50 employees) 
  • Free Final Accounts and Tax for clients
  • Free HR essentials with Payroll subscription
  • Client Management for your practice
  • Listing on Sage Accountants and Bookkeeper directory 
  • Expert support and training 
  • Sage member benefits
  • Member only discounts on Accounting and Payroll for your clients


For practices wanting to automate pricing, client engagement, client management and data entry to support clients.

Included allowances per month:

  • 10 AutoEntry documents
  • 5 AutoEntry bank statements
  • 1 GoProposal client proposal
  • 1 GoProposal Smart Engagement letter
  • 1 GoProposal KYC (Know Your Client) Risk Assessment

Unsure? Explore pricing to see all subscription and overage costs.



For practices that require increased allowances and extra subscriptions to drive practice workflow efficiency.
per month / excl. VAT
Save £174*

Included allowances per month:

  • 100 AutoEntry documents
  • 50 AutoEntry bank statements
  • 5 GoProposal client proposals
  • 5 GoProposal Smart Engagement letter
  • 5 GoProposal KYC (Know Your Client) Risk Assessment

Unsure? Explore pricing to see all subscription and overage costs.


For scaling practices that want to charge up profitability and growth with the best tools in the business.
per month / excl. VAT
Save £714*

Included allowances per month:

  • 250 AutoEntry documents
  • 125 AutoEntry bank statements
  • 20 GoProposal client proposals
  • 20 GoProposal Smart Engagement letter
  • 20 GoProposal KYC (Know Your Client) Risk Assessment

Unsure? Explore pricing to see all subscription and overage costs.

*Savings for partner-only discounts are calculated based on the overage charges in Essentials. **Trustpilot score based on reviews as of February 2024 


Currently using Partner Edition? Learn about your upgrade to Sage for Accountants.

Introducing Sage Copilot with Sage for Accountants


Elevate your accounting practice with more powerful AI support and make smarter decisions, faster. Step into a new business era with the trusted assistance of Sage Copilot. Tackle your to-do list, automate workflows, and get fast access to the documents you need. 

Sage Marketplace

Get ahead with more apps to expand your functionality and make practice management simple.

Get more than just great software

Award-winning support

Experts on hand helping you get the most out of your software so you can be more productive.

Member Masterclass

Dip into talks and articles from the world's leading experts to help with business challenges, like using innovation to create impact.

Community forums

Hear from industry experts and connect with businesses like yours to gain useful advice and insights.

Business advice

Share the challenges you face with businesses like yours, discover in-person events and make connections.


Get the most from your software with help from our product experts.

Software certification

Take courses, earn certifications and stand out from the crowd.


When you sign up to Sage for Accountants, you get complimentary software and support for your practice with all our plans. This powerful accounting software for accountants gives you everything you need.

You'll benefit from free subscriptions to Sage Accounting Plus and Sage Payroll with core HR features (for up to 50 employees) for your practice allowing you to get your accounting jobs done with ease. You also get unlimited access for Final Accounts, Personal and Corporation Tax to deliver client services, as well as free expert support and training – plus Sage member benefits. 

With the Essentials plan you’ll get free allowances to AutoEntry by Sage and GoProposal by Sage. This enables you to use up to 10 documents and bank pages, as well as the ability to send 1 proposal, 1 letter, 1 KYC (Know Your Client) and/or 1 Risk Assessment. 

If and when you need more, you can always explore pricing to customise your plan, add subscriptions, and expand your allowances. You can also completely upgrade your plan to save more as your needs grow. 

It's quick, easy, and free to sign up to Sage for Accountants. Once you're signed up, you can unlock the potential of your practice with customisable plans that give you all the tools you need to boost productivity at your practice. From pricing to proposals, automated accounting, payroll, tax and more, you can choose a plan that suits your requirements. Customise by adding subscriptions, expanding your allowances, or upgrading seamlessly as your needs grow.

Learn more about Sage for Accountants and what’s included. 

Once you’ve signed up to Sage for Accountants you’ll automatically have access to exclusive member benefits and be part of the Sage community with great software, support and insight to help your practice grow.

Member benefits include:

  • Access to learning resources and certifications
  • Get product help from a community of industry peers
  • Tap into talks and articles from world leading experts
  • Begin your 4-step practice success plan

There are three solutions included that connect to help you manage tax and stay compliant. Calculate and submit tax returns with seamless integration between Accounting and Final Accounts, and built-in MTD compliance. File tax returns with confidence.

Final Accounts

Stay secure, avoid errors, and make preparing for year-end accounts easier.

  • Create accounts efficiently by auto-populating key data from Companies House
  • Prepare and file accounts for sole traders, partnerships, micro and small limited companies, and LLPs including abridged and filleted accounts
  •  Get full integration with our Personal Tax and Corporation Tax products for a single submission process

Personal Tax

 Manage self assessment tax for your clients with ease.

  • Access a view of real-time personal tax data held by HMRC to validate income sources
  • Get a seamless flow of data from Final Accounts that pre-populates self-employment data
  • Prepare and file SA100 tax returns and supplementary pages with built-in HMRC tax calculation and online filing validations

Corporation Tax

Meet corporation tax requirements efficiently.

  • Automatically create tax returns based on final accounts data
  • Prepare and file CT600 tax returns, supplementary pages and iXBRL computations
  • Easily file a combined corporation tax return with HMRC automatically, including iXBRL from final accounts

Sage for Accountants is a customisable platform with all the essential tools you need to support your practice and clients. 

It's easy to improve the efficiency of your practice whilst staying compliant with automation and processing from data capture through to tax, and everything in between, in one single seamless workflow.

  • Data Automation and Processing with AutoEntry by Sage: Clients simply scan, email or take a photo of the document they want to capture and Sage will do the rest and auto-populate in Sage Accounting.
  • Accountancy and bookkeeping with Sage Accounting: There is a software plan for every client regardless of the complexity of their business size. Share real-time reports with clients and view full transaction histories.
  • Payroll: Provide payroll services with ease, or let clients serve themselves with Sage Payroll. A simple, time-saving, 4-step cloud based payroll that supports all RTI submissions, pension auto enrolment, and online payslips.
  • Compliance: Use our Final Accounts and tax solutions to manage one set of digital records, stay on top of compliance deadlines, minimise data entry, and view the latest client data and reporting from HMRC.

Free and discounted client plans all at your fingertips through self-serve subscriptions management. 

We have a helpline dedicated to Sage for Accountants.

Call us on 0191 479 5999* where our team of experts is ready to help you with:

  • Product Support
  • Contract Subscription and Renewal Enquiries or making a payment
  • Buying or Upgrading software

*Lines are open Monday to Friday 8:30 to 18:00. To contact us out of hours please call 0191 479 5911.

Sage gives you expert advice and access to learning pathways that help you expand on your skillset and keep constantly up to date on the latest legislation to help you support clients. And you can choose a way that works for you: 

Sage Copilot is an AI-powered productivity assistant available with the Standard and Premium plans of Sage for Accountants. Currently, you need to register your interest to add Sage Copilot to your subscriptions for an extra cost, however we intend to make it easy to self-serve and add this within product in the near future. 

Sage Copilot supports our existing tools and features that to deliver unparalelled value to your clients, while keeping your data secure. You can get accounting done faster with intelligent task and workflow automation that prepares reports and gives recommendations before you have to ask. 

You'll also get a real time view of your clients, data, and insights such as generating cash flow reports in seconds so you can make smarter, informed decisions faster. 

Get personalised and prioritised action lists and send emails or messages - personalised and tailored - to maintain great communication with your clients. Sage Copilot frees up your time by automating the manual tasks that impact productivity. 

Sage Copilot ensures data security and privacy by implementing robust encryption, access controls, compliance, and data protection regulations. This gives you peace of mind when accessing your client data, managing finances, and completing submissions to HRMC (VAT, personal, Corporate, and Final Accounts). Learn more about security with Sage.

**Trustpilot score based on reviews as of February 2024

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