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Delivering engagement through experiences: why it’s time to change focus


Still focusing on employee engagement to unlock productivity?

Everyone knows the feeling of being so busy at work that it seems all too hard to get any work done and yet, ironically, productivity remains stubbornly low.

In fact, when we polled 3,500 employees, they told us that they’re productive for less than 30 hours a week—that’s a whole day each week they’re at work, but not really working.

So what’s the answer? Where can HR leaders turn to drive productivity in their workplace?

It’s all about designing great employee experiences.

Download the e-book today to find out:

  • What workforce experiences really are and why they’re vital in creating an engaged and productive workforce.
  • The business case for employee experiences and getting the support of the C-suite.
  • Technology’s role in driving phenomenal workforce experiences.

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