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Automated invoicing software for small businesses

Create invoices online. Send them to your customers in seconds. Automatically track invoices and see what you're owed. Get paid faster.

Improve your cash flow with online invoicing

We’ve partnered with Stripe to ensure you can take card payments directly from your invoices, no matter where your customers are located.

Easily convert quotes and estimates into invoices

Save time with fast, effortless invoicing. When your customer accepts the quote or estimate, convert it to an invoice with a single click.

Take Sage Accounting on the go with iOS and Android mobile apps

On the move or with a client, take our small business invoice software with you to create invoices wherever you need to be.

Say goodbye to unpaid invoices

Late payments can be detrimental to your bottom line. Download our e-book for 7 tips to help you get your invoices paid faster.

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Invoicing software FAQs

Invoicing software is a program that generates a bill for products or services that businesses use to serve their customers an itemized receipt and establish the amount owed for products or services rendered. It creates a professional invoice that can be printed, mailed, or sent electronically to customers.
Creating an invoice is quick and easy with invoicing software. For example, Sage Accounting can generate invoices automatically from your accounting and POS solutions. The invoicing software keeps all your customer details and your product and service information in one place, making creating an invoice super easy. Just select a customer, choose the products or services rendered, then send your branded invoice with a single click. 
Sage online invoicing software helps businesses get paid faster to help your cash flow skyrocket. Spend less time managing invoicing and payments, and more time growing your business by instantly seeing which invoices have been sent, which are unpaid, and which are overdue. You can also take your business on the go with our mobile app that allows you to create, edit, and send invoices from anywhere. Present a professional image with custom options like flexible invoice templates, logos, and color and font choices.
Invoicing software, like Sage Accounting, starts at $10 per month for Sage Accounting Start, and $25 per month for Accounting. You can customize your solution with fully integrated add-ons when you need them so you only pay for what you need.
Accepting payments directly from your invoice helps businesses get paid faster.  We’ve partnered with Stripe to ensure you can take secure, easy credit card payments directly from your invoices with a "Pay now" button, no mater where your customers are located.

In Sage Accounting, you can pick and choose from nine different invoicing templates for your company that support product and service-based businesses. You can also add or customize the following information on each invoice: 

  • Document headings
  • Footer details including information about your business
  • Associated company logos
  • Branded theme and font colors
  • Prefixes and numbering
  • Contact details and addresses
  • Line items including price, rate, and quantity of hours, including discounts per line item
  • Terms and conditions can be templated to show as default or otherwise
  • Notes, for example, how you want customers to pay you

Mobile App

Free with every subscription - Sage mobile app works alongside your Sage Accounting, helping you control your business while you’re on the move.

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