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Diversity and inclusion

About Sage

Diversity and inclusion at Sage

I am passionate about diversity and inclusion and proud to be an Executive Sponsor.

"Fairness is a key principle of mine. I want the best person for the job, and I passionately believe diverse teams perform better.

At Sage we want to drive innovation and creative thinking. Diverse teams create more ideas through diversity of thought!

Our culture is open and caring, where people can be themselves at work, and we are pleased that our colleagues support diversity and inclusion."

Amanda Cusdin, Chief People Officer

Sage is passionate about building a culture where our colleagues feel they can bring their whole selves to work, where people know they will be judged on their performance and behaviours - not their identity.

We believe diversity drives innovation and collaboration, allowing us to benefit from our employees’ collective skills, passion and values, regardless of their background.

Our colleagues are high performers and know how to think and move swiftly while always acting ethically and doing the right thing. We are proud to have an increasingly diverse workforce, represented in 23 countries around the world, and to have almost achieved gender parity in our workforce. It is not only this diversity of backgrounds but also the oneness of vision that makes Sage such a great place to work.

It also plays a vital role in fueling our customer obsession. After all, our customers are diverse, so it makes good business sense to ensure we internally represent the businesses we serve.

Our philosophy

Sage embraces diversity in all forms. Our ambition is to reflect the diversity of our customers and partners in communities where we operate, accelerating growth and innovation.

We are creating a truly inclusive environment where everyone contributes to our vision while remaining their true selves.

Our progress

Sage Annual Report

A full breakdown of our diversity measures and progress can be found in our annual report. We share the key successes of our Diversity and Inclusion programs, the progress we are making, and employee life at Sage.

UK gender pay report 2019

We are working hard to ensure that each and every one of our employees feels they can be their true selves—meaning their best selves—every day.

Our report demonstrates the strong progress we are making on this long-term strategy and the steps we are taking towards gender equality at Sage.

Award-winning success


Date Award  
June 2016 CIPD Awards: Diversity and Employability Winner
December 2016 Accredited as a Disability Confident Employer  
January 2017 Top 100 Employers for Apprentices  
April 2017 Northern Power Women Awards: Large Business Winner
June 2017 CIPDAwards: Diversity and Employability  
January 2018 National Centre for Diversity: UK Technology Company of the Year  
October 2019
ITA Awards—Diversity and Inclusion Team of the Year